Frogames Training + TEDx Arxiduc = A.L.G.O has happened in Palma

Jun 27, 2021 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Frogames Formación, thanks to its CEO Juan Gabriel Gomila, and LLuís Vives School have represented the education sector, in capital letters. The Lluís Vives School hosted the second edition of the TEDx Arxiduc Talks in its auditorium. Joan Gabriel Gomila and his 400,000 students were the links between the TEDx Arxiduc talks held in 2019 and the current ones.

We have laughed, moved, admired and almost cried in this whirlwind of emotions to which these 10 speakers have transferred us. A unique experience compared to the three things you have to do in life. So attending and even better being a speaker at a TEDx Arxiduc Talk has to be included in the list of indispensable things in our lives and comparable to the popular ones of writing a book, planting a tree and having a child.

We have gone through each and every one of the stages of our existence. With Alberto Angosto and his 9 springs, we have learnt the purest vision, mission and values and are less dependent on the backpacks that life puts on us. Connected with our inner child.

The filmmaker Marcos Cabotà and the word direction are synonymous. The creator of the documentary I am your Father, tells the story of David Prowse, the actor behind the mask of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Cabotà has also made us reflect on what we would say to our child self, or much better to know how to listen to him and to see that what we are today is given to us by what that child has pushed us to do today. A reflection that brings us closer to our deepest and most infantile selves. The moral of the story is knowledge and adaptation. The child Cabotà was already attracted to Darth Vader and 30 years later he made it come true.

Ramón Arroyo, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, knows a lot about adaptation and has shown that will is power. He wanted to be active and he succeeded, so much so that triathlons are no mystery to him. He is in top form and among his feats is the perseverance and overcoming that leave his illness in the background. Giving up is not an option.

Education has been widely represented by Joan Gabriel Gomila, and his more than 400,000 students attest to this. He was a speaker at the 2019 edition and the first in Mallorca. With Gomila we learned how what seem like bad decisions can be the key to success.

New technologies have been represented by a programmer Alejo Ecube who has taught us how a boss has to be. Well, not one, but all for one and one for all. In his company FDSA, there are 40 bosses.

Alejo Ecube graduated from Zaragoza as an industrial engineer. While doing his final year project he discovered a vocation: programming, which would make him change sectors 4 years later.

From FDSA, he has managed to make his 40 employees all heads of the company. The involvement and sharing of ideas is an innovative organisational model, which has earned them multiple awards.

The master of ceremonies was Mar Félix. Trainer, coach and veterinary surgeon, she is the best ambassador of the Toastmasters public speaking competition, for which she holds the title of a best speech in Spanish.

We have also met with her: Sebastián Lora, Marta Lliteras, Miguel Fernández, Alicia Sintes, Jordi Gil, and Diego Ingold. Faithful to the word A.L.G.O., they have highlighted the peculiarities that make them referents in each of their disciplines, from the most intimate and personal point of view.

If Miguel de Cervantes dismantled the novels of chivalry with Don Quixote, the TEDx Arxiduc Talks dismantle our ephemeral existence for the better. That’s life and that’s how we have told it.