For the third consecutive year, the number of Specialised Health Training places has increased for the third year running

Jan 30, 2022 | Featured, Current affairs, Post, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

A total of 28,714 people were admitted to the tests yesterday, aspiring to one of the 10,634 places on offer.
For the third consecutive year, the Ministry of Health has increased the number of places available for Specialised Health Training in Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and degrees in the fields of Psychology, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. On the afternoon of Saturday, 29 January, the tests began, in which a total of 28,714 people were admitted to apply for one of the 10,634 places on offer. The tests took place in 28 locations throughout the country.

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This afternoon, the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, visited the assessment committees and the candidates taking the exam at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, who are those people who, due to their degree of disability, require specific conditions to take the exam, guaranteeing equal access to it; and people of a religious faith who, due to a court ruling, have to take the test under specific circumstances. The Secretary of State thanked all these people for their dedication and wished them luck so that, in the near future, they will be part of the NHS professionals.

Speaking to the media, Calzón highlighted the efforts of all the autonomous communities and the professionals of the Ministry of Health to guarantee fairness and not to delay the incorporation into their training places of those people who have achieved this. He also highlighted “the consecutive increase in the number of places offered, an increase that has been possible thanks to the efforts of the autonomous communities. More than 90 percent of the places available have been offered and, specifically, the difference between the 2017-2018 call for applications and the current one, the overall increase is more than 32 percent. We are witnessing the call for applications with the most FES places in the history of our country”.