270,000 euros in shopping vouchers in Inca available to everyone in the Balearic Islands

Feb 1, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The “Reiniciam Inca” voucher campaign, promoted by the Town Hall, is now in its second phase and is being extended to all citizens of the Balearic Islands, who from the 1st of January can exchange their 4 vouchers of 15 euros.

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Inca City Council launched a campaign to support local commerce in early 2022 and allocated € 498,000 in
33,200 15 euro discount vouchers. Therefore, during the month of January, Inca’s inhabitants have had preference and have been able to exchange their 4 “Reiniciam Inca” vouchers in the establishments attached to the campaign.

Now, during the month of February, the initiative is being extended to all people living in the Balearic Islands.

Thus, each Balearic citizen has a maximum of 4 vouchers of 15 euros discount, which can be used until 28 February in a single purchase or establishment, or apply them in different purchases or establishments as long as the purchase has a minimum value of thirty euros for each voucher.

“This campaign aims to mitigate the economic and social losses suffered by small businesses in Inca during the pandemic and contribute to the financial sustainability and maintenance of commercial and business activity in our municipality,” says the mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno.

For her part, the councillor for Innovation and Enterprise, María José Fernández, points out that “the amount we have allocated to the Reiniciam Inca discount vouchers amounts to €498,000, which will have an impact on the flow of consumption in the municipality of one million euros. We are convinced that this important investment will help to reactivate the economic and productive fabric of Inca.

In total, the citizens of Inca have already consumed 15,339 vouchers, equivalent to 230,510 euros. On the other hand, 121 self-employed workers, micro and small businesses have been added to the campaign, some of which have already used up their vouchers. Specifically, each of the attached establishments has 276 vouchers to be exchanged in their establishment. Therefore, each of the businesses participating in this initiative will receive a grant of up to 4,140 euros.

Once the month of February is over, Inca City Council will redistribute the vouchers that have not been consumed again among all the companies.

Therefore, those companies that no longer have discount vouchers will be able to have a certain number of vouchers available again.

To exchange the vouchers, non-native citizens only have to go to one of the establishments that have joined the campaign with their ID card and they will be able to apply the 15 euro discount on their purchase. The list of businesses participating in the “Reiniciam Inca” voucher campaign can be found here: https://bonsreiniciaminca.com/