Guaranteed residential inclusion for families with difficulties through Provivienda and IRPF Social

Feb 2, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

\ The entity guarantees rentals with full guarantees and security for both the landlord and the tenant and acts as a mediator.

\ The service has already benefited 26 people in the Balearic Islands since the beginning of 2021 when it was introduced.

Since February 2021, the Balearic Islands have been implementing the service of the Provivienda entity, which allows the rental of homes with total guarantees and security for both the tenant and the owner, who manages to give a social value to their property. There are currently 26 people benefiting from the project, including tenants and owners: 14 in Mallorca and 12 in Menorca.

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“The contract is guaranteed, so it couldn’t be better,” says Miquel Pons, owner of the property in Palma where María del Carmen Gómez lives. “I was already a bit discouraged because I had already been to see almost five flats and, even saying that I would pay them a year in advance, they didn’t want to”, the tenant complains.

Provivienda facilitates and guarantees the tenant access to a rental contract while guaranteeing the landlord the possibility of renting in a secure manner. The entity offers both parties professional accompaniment, support and follow-up, as well as legal advice. “One rent and the other leases safely and with guarantees. They are safe because we draw up and explain the contract to them by law, it is not done without anyone acting as a mediator and we help them, for example, in changing the name on the utilities, if they have a problem with a broken appliance, we guide them or contact the owner…”, says the housing technician of Provivienda Baleares, Joana Maria Tortella.

Beyond the tenants, Provivienda aims from the beginning of 2021 to gain the trust of the owners/owners so that they rent their property through the entity and thus favour the residential inclusion of families who, although they can pay private market rent, find it difficult to access it. “I have always thought that it is better to stop charging a small amount and have security, and apart from all this you are also doing a social good because it is really like that”, argues Miquel Pons, owner.

This residential mediator service of Provivienda has the support of the Balearic Government’s Department of Social Affairs and Sports, through the IRPF Social, when the solidarity box on the income tax return is checked.