Lloseta opens the refurbishment of the sports pavilion

Feb 4, 2022 | Post, Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The works have been carried out with the RenovEsport grant from the Council of Mallorca, which has enabled the interior flooring to be conditioned and will be completed with the extension of the gymnasium, with a planned investment of 158,000 euros.

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Lloseta opens renovations to the Se Puig municipal sports centre. The president of the Consell de Mallorca, Catalina Cladera, the councillor of the Department of Transition, Tourism and Sports, Andreu Serra, the mayor of the municipality, Xema Muñoz, and the deputy mayor and councillor for Education, Tomeu Ripoll, today visited the improvements to the sports facilities in this municipality made with the subsidy from the Consell de Mallorca, which is part of the RenovEsport programme. These grants, which enable the renovation or creation of sports facilities in municipalities, come from a package of 10 million euros earmarked for municipal reactivation 2021-2022.

According to municipal sources, the complete renovation of the pavement of the municipal pavilion has cost 77,000 euros and is 100% subsidised by the Council of Mallorca. Likewise, Lloseta Town Council plans to expand the municipal gymnasium in 2022 with another single-application grant of 81,354 euros. The Council will thus make a local contribution to this municipality of 158,354 euros.

The improvements completed in Lloseta will result in safer and more efficient sporting facilities. They replace the previous rubber track, which was more than 20 years old, with a wooden one, with 80 years of useful life. It is technical paving that reaches indoor sports such as basketball, volleyball or indoor football, as well as a space for activities with schools and adults. Among the advantages of the new court, as the mayor, Xema Muñoz, said, “the new parquet avoids sports injuries among children when practising impact sports”.

As the president, Cladera said, “the RenovEsport grant aims to promote the sporting health of Mallorcans and improve municipal facilities”. She added that “these investments and improvements will reach 50 municipalities and will stimulate the local economy, as almost 100 sports interventions will be carried out”. The renovation of sports pavements such as this one in Lloseta is the most demanded by the municipalities in the projects presented to the call. 55% of the municipalities will renovate indoor sports courts to adapt them to the current situation and make them safer.

21.8 million in aid for municipalities over 7 years

The 10 million in the RenovEsport 2021-2022 calls are in addition to a first grant that was opened in the previous legislature in the same line, where 11 million were awarded for the period 2018-2019.

In this call, to which 50 municipalities have applied with almost 100 projects, it should be noted that paving is precisely one of the most significant works that the municipalities carry out, with 55% of the total investment of the grant. The age of the previous indoor sports courts and the adaptation to the new sports safety measures are the main reasons.

According to the projects presented by the local councils to the Sports Department, the RenovEsport 2021-2022 call for proposals will cover almost 70% of the total cost of the works to create or improve sports facilities that have been presented to the call for proposals. In this sense, the local councils have presented projects for an initial value of 15 million prior to execution, of which 10 million will be covered by the Council of Mallorca.

Summary of investments made by the town councils in the municipalities with the RenovEsport 2021-2022 grant by type of intervention (total investment, amount subsidised up to 10 million).

Reform of sports pavements: 5.991.215 €.
Creation of new sports infrastructures: 2,876,231 €.
Energy, environmental and technological efficiency: 1.850.219 €.
Spaces and complementary elements: 1.417.231 €.
Improvements to enclosures: 1.055.475 €.
Renovation of roofs: 1.144.649 €.
Accessibility or evacuation: 331,467 €.
Other: 346.359 € 15.097.671 € 15.097.671
15.097.671 euros in total, of which 10 euros will be provided by the Department of Transition, Tourism and Sports of the Council of Mallorca.