A total of 846 homes and 103 companies in the part forana of Mallorca will benefit from the Balearic Energy Institute’s shared self-consumption projects.

Mar 19, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

This Thursday, the Vice-President of the Government and Minister for Energy Transition, Productive Sectors and Democratic Memory, Juan Pedro Yllanes, presented the 17 shared self-consumption projects that the Balearic Energy Institute (IBE) is already developing in the towns of the part forana of Mallorca, which will benefit 846 homes and 103 businesses in several towns on the island, as well as generating 925 kW of power.

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The event was also attended by the director general of Energy and Climate Change, Pep Malagrava; the managing director of IBE, Ferran Rosa, and representatives of the town councils of Inca, Alcúdia, Algaida, Andratx, Artà, Bunyola, Campanet, Campos, Capdepera, Esporles, Felanitx, Lloseta, Manacor, Mancor de la Vall, Maria de la Salut, Marratxí, Montuïri, Porreres, Puigpunyent, Sant Joan, Sant Llorenç, Santa Eugènia, Santa Maria, Sencelles, Sineu, Sóller and Vilafranca de Bonany.

During the presentation ceremony, Vice President Yllanes indicated that “the aim of these projects is none other than to lower the electricity bill and fight against energy poverty. This represents the first steps in the generation and commercialisation of energy produced by a public company in the Balearic Islands operating on a self-consumption basis, an action that we are already carrying out in Santa Eugènia, a pioneering municipality in the whole of Spain in consuming clean, public energy at cost price”.

“We plan to install more than 925 kW of power on the roofs of municipal spaces in Alaró, Algaida, Artà, Bunyola, Campanet, Esporles, Manacor and Sa Pobla. Likewise, as well as in IBAVI buildings in Sa Pobla and Inca, Campos, Capdepera and Cala Rajada. In total, more than 846 households and 103 SMEs will be able to benefit from this electricity, thus lowering their electricity bills,” he added.

The projects

The 17 shared self-consumption projects that IBE is already developing in Mallorca are located in the municipalities of Alaró, Algaida, Artà, Bunyola, Campos, Campanet, Capdepera, Esporles, Inca, Manacor and Sa Pobla. The total power generated by the installations in all the towns will reach 925 kW of energy and the total investment will be 1,216,500 euros on the part of the IBE.

In the case of Alaró, two projects are being developed: one on the roof of the sports centre and the other on the Son Penyaflor car park, which will generate 100 kW of power each. These projects will benefit 160 homes and 20 businesses, in addition to municipal consumption, and have an investment of 260,000 euros. In Algaida, the project being developed is located in the multi-purpose hall of the municipality and will generate 20 kW of power for 16 homes and 2 businesses. The investment for this project is 26,000 euros.

In Artà, a project is being implemented at the Pou de sa Lluna nursery school, with an investment of 130,000 euros. It is an installation that will generate 100 kW of power and will benefit 80 homes and 10 businesses in the municipality. On the other hand, in Bunyola, the project is centred on the CEIP Mestre Colom and will generate 50 kW, which will benefit 40 homes and 5 businesses. This project has an investment of 65,000 euros. Likewise, two projects are being carried out in Campanet: one located at the day centre and the other at the Town Hall, which will generate 10 kW of power each and will be able to supply energy to 8 homes and 2 businesses. These projects have an investment of 40,000 euros.

The project being developed in Campos is on the roof of a public housing project (VPP) located in Oest street, which will generate 40 kW of power, and will benefit a further 56 homes and 4 businesses in the municipality. This project has an investment of 52,000 euros.

On the other hand, in Capdepera and Cala Rajada, three and one projects are being carried out respectively, with a total investment of 130,000 euros. These are also located in VPP, will generate a total of 100 kW, and will benefit 140 homes and 10 businesses. In Capdepera, the projects are being developed in VPPs located on Carrer de Les Dones de la Llata (2 projects) and Carrer de Roses. In Cala Rajada, the project being carried out is located in Carrer de Pizarro.

Likewise, in Esporles, a project is being developed in the training centre with an investment of 32,500 euros, which will generate 25 kW, and will benefit 20 homes and 3 businesses. In Inca, the project being developed in a VPP in Carrer de Pere de Sant Joan will generate 100 kW and will benefit 140 homes and 10 businesses. This project has an investment of 130,000 euros.