62% of the 29 works to extend or build new centres initially planned in the 2016-23 Education Infrastructure Plan have already been carried out.

Mar 20, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

\ Antoni Morante has appeared before the Parliamentary Education Committee to explain the situation of educational infrastructures in the Balearic Islands.

\ IBISEC is currently in charge of drafting 42 projects worth almost 50 million euros.

\ At the moment they are in execution or in the tender for a total amount of more than 7 million euros.

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\ Since 2015, a total of 95 million euros will have been invested in 1,797 educational infrastructure projects in 90% of the Balearic Islands’ schools.

The director-general of Planning, Organisation and Centres, Antoni Morante, appeared before the Education Committee of the Parliament of the Balearic Islands on Thursday 17 March to explain the situation of educational infrastructures.

Morante began his speech by explaining the level of execution of the 2016-2023 Education Infrastructure Plan, which has enabled the improvement of educational infrastructures in the Balearic Islands to be planned in an orderly and equitable manner. Following the guidelines of the Plan, since September 2015 a total of 95 million euros will have been invested in educational infrastructures, representing 1,797 actions in 90% of the educational centres of the Balearic Islands. Work is currently underway on the 2023-2027 Infrastructure Plan.

The main lines of action envisaged in the Infrastructure Plan are:

  • Extensions: CEIP Montaura, CEIP Sant Miquel, CEIP Rosa dels Vents, CEIP Sa Rutllana, CEIP Nadal Campaner Arrom, CEIP Els Molins, CEIP Mare de Déu de la Consolació, CEIP Blai Bonet, CEIPIESO Pintor Joan Miró, CIFP Pau Casesnoves, IES Isidor Macabich, IES Damià Huguet, IES Marc Ferrer and IES Ses Estacions.
  • New schools: CEIP Caimari, CEIP Campos, CEIP Can Picafort, CEIP Inca, CEIP Palma B, CIFP Ciutadella, CEIP Es Mercadal, CEIP Sa Pobla and the new CEPA Calvià.

Of the 29 works of extension or construction of new centres initially planned in the 2016-23 Infrastructure Plan, which was presented to the Education and Culture Committee of the Parliament of the Balearic Islands in September 2017, 18 (62%) have been completed or are about to be completed, and the forecast is that all will be completed or in advanced execution within 2023.

Of the works not started, 1 is in tender (extension CEIP Montaura), 5 projects have been drafted or are about to be finalised (Conservatori Menorca, CEPA Maó, extension CEIP Blai Bonet, CEIP Campos and CEIP Palma B), and 5 projects are being drafted (CEIP Can Picafort, CEIP Caimari, CIFP Ciutadella, CEIP Es Mercadal and CEIP Santa Eulària).

It has been incorporated into the planning:

  • Extension of CEIP Sant Miquel (2.6 M).
  • New IES CTEIB (2.3 M Social Affairs agreement)
  • New CEIP Inca (5M) and CEIP Sa Pobla (5M), when land has been made available.

And more enlargement works have been carried out due to demands or supervening needs:

  • CIFP Pau Casesnoves, 1,4 M
  • CEIP Sa Torre, 1.6 M
  • CEIP Ses Comes, 0.7 M-
  • CEIP Can Cirera Prim, 1 M
  • IES PortoCristo, 0.6 M
  • CEIP Guillem Ballester i Cerdó 0,5 M
  • CEIP Puig den Valls, 0,5 M
  • Numerous refurbishment works…

Some actions could not have been foreseen, are of great magnitude and have forced a change in the foreseen planning. In this section, we should highlight the refurbishment and extension of CEIP Sa Torre in Manacor, the structural problems of CEIP S’Alzinar in Capdepera or the “cap de fibló” that raised the roof of CEPA Llevant in 2021 and forced an emergency intervention.

They are currently under construction or in open tender for a total amount of more than 7 million €:

In progress (€4.8 million):

  • Refurbishment and extension of CEIP Simó Ballester: 1.6 million euros
  • Refurbishment of the Berenguer d’Anoia secondary school auditorium: 188,000 €.
  • Education Museum: 660,842 €.
  • Expansion of Isidor Macabich Secondary School: 2.3 million €.

In tender (3.4 million €):

  • Extension of CEIP Montaura Primary School: 965.119 €.
  • Expansion of CIFP Pau Casesnoves: 1.4 million €.
  • Refurbishment CEIP Mª de Deu Gràcia: 283.483 €.
  • Refurbishment CEIP Verge Lluc: 352.110 € 352.110 €.
  • Refurbishment CEIP Puig de Lloseta: 334.000 €.
  • Removal of fibre cement roofing CEPA Son Canals: 68.000 €.

In addition, the refurbishment of the Santiago barracks, the refurbishment of the Conservatory of Menorca, and the construction of several gymnasiums and refurbishments to centres all over the islands are also expected to go out to tender shortly.

On the other hand, and by means of a collaboration agreement with shared financing, the construction of the new CEPA of Calvià, which is being executed by the Calvià Town Hall, and the new IES CTEIB, which is being executed by the Conselleria de Asuntos Sociales y Deportes, are being carried out.

Overall, IBISEC is currently responsible – directly or through outsourcing – for the drafting of 42 projects worth almost €50 million.

As for the projects being drafted, IBISEC is currently drafting 22 projects for new schools, extensions or refurbishments with its own technical resources, for a total of almost 34 million €, the most important of which are the new CEIP in Inca, the new CEIP in Campos, the new CEIP in Sa Pobla, the new CEIP in Sa Pobla, the new CEIP in Sa Pobla, the new CEIP in Sa Pobla and the new CEIP in Inca, the new CEIP of Campos, the new CEIP of Sa Pobla, the extensions of the CEIP Rosa dels Vents, CEIP Sant Miquel, IES Ses Estacions, CEIP Es Mercadal, CEIPIESO Pintor Joan Miró, and the second phase of the extension of CEIP Sant Carles, among others.

At the same time, 20 projects have been outsourced for almost €16 million in order to be able to respond more quickly to the needs and there are 19 more projects that already have the order to begin drafting.

In these years, there has been co-financing from the ERDF Fund for an amount of 12 million euros and now there is support from the REACT Funds for 15 projects with a total investment of 37 million euros.

No new centres without plots of land

In response to questions from MPs, Antoni Morante pointed out that the Education Infrastructure Plan is available on the website and that until 2016 this was not the case, as it did not exist and therefore could not be consulted anywhere. He also pointed out that the recently approved Education Act establishes that from now on, the education administration will be obliged to draw up an Infrastructure Plan, updated every two years and with the corresponding economic forecast.

Morante recalled that during the time of the Partido Popular government, not only was there no Infrastructure Plan, but there was also no budget for IBISEC, “the forecast for real investment in IBISEC in the budgets of 2013 and 2014 was 0 euros” and he also pointed out to the Popular MP that “while you governed there was no land for Campos or Inca and, in fact, in the 2013/14 academic year, 60 families in Inca had no places for their children to go to school”.

The Director-General of Planning explained that most of the delays in infrastructure are due to problems with the plots of land, either because they have to overcome complicated procedures or because they are not delivered with the right conditions to be able to build educational constructions.

Morante acknowledged the delays in Campos and Inca, and announced that these two projects are expected to be completed by the end of March. “In Campos, the reality is that it was not until September 2021 that the town council completed the formalities related to the site, which is located in a housing development that has not yet been received”.

On the other hand, he explained that the case of the IES Son Ferriol is due to the lack of land. “The Palma Town Hall is drawing up the project to provide services for the site. After they confirm the location of the services, we will move forward with the drafting of the project. He also explained the situation of the extension of the CEIP Sant Miquel in Son Carrió, which is awaiting the acquisition of a complementary site by the Town Hall, “we know that they are working on this acquisition”.

Finally, he referred to the situation in Ibiza, which “needs a greater investment effort, and that is why we have increased the team of architects. There were none when we arrived and we put in two architects. Now we have added one more. In the case of the new IES in Vila, as soon as the town hall defines the exact plot where the IES is to be built and the services to be provided, the drafting of the project can begin. In the case of the new CEIP Santa Eulària, the council handed over all the necessary documentation to IBISEC on the 17th of February, so that the drafting of the project can begin.