IMAS’ collaboration with police is key to the operation against child sexual exploitation offences

Mar 21, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The accusations made by the island’s institution have been the source of a new police action that has resulted in two arrests.

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Complaints made by professionals in the Children and Family area of the Institut Mallorquí d’Afers Socials (IMAS) have proved to be key to a new police operation that this week has resulted in two new arrests, in this case of two men, aged 25 and 37, accused of corruption of minors.

The information provided by the staff of the island’s institution as a result of the detection of possible indications of a situation of crime and abuse against the integrity of minors has been the origin of the police investigations. According to the information provided by the IMAS, the UFAM group took charge of the proceedings and, with all the information received, began an investigation that succeeded in identifying the alleged perpetrators.

Once again, the implementation of new instructions stipulating the protocol of action to be followed when faced with indications of situations of abuse or aggression, have proven to be the most efficient and effective tool to carry out police actions against the corruption of minors. Therefore, IMAS reminds us that operations such as this are the result of the participation and professionalism of the staff working in the care and protection of children and young people, who alert, inform and report immediately and constantly to the National Police or the Guardia Civil any suspicion of violation of their rights.

The Institut Mallorquí d’Afers Socials has shown its full willingness to provide all the data and information necessary for the clarification of the facts and is also grateful for the enquiries made by the security forces. In addition to having continuous contact, the institution promoted in January 2020 an Inter-island Commission where, apart from IMAS, the National Police and the Civil Guard, all Public Administrations are represented, entities and bodies responsible for ensuring the protection of minors to address the progress and needs to improve existing protocols, as well as detection mechanisms and alert to any signs of exploitation, sexual abuse or other violation of the rights of minors to quickly put in place all available resources for their protection.

These new arrests reiterate the need to continue to increase pressure against any signs or suspicions of child abuse or exploitation. Only through the absolute condemnation and prosecution of aggressors who take advantage of vulnerable children and young people for sexual or economic gain will it be possible to contain this scourge that affects the whole of society.

In this sense, IMAS considers that the coordination and constant collaboration with the State Security Forces and Corps is key in the prosecution of these crimes related to the integrity of minors.