More than 600 young people and 70 teachers take part in the lBJOVE cyber mentors meetings

Mar 22, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

A group of 94 students and 9 teachers from secondary schools in Manacor, Porreres, Capdepera, Porto Cristo and Palma are training today at the holiday camp in Colònia de Sant Pere. Among other workshops, they will do one on managing emotions with theatre or one on how the digital platform Netflix works from the inside. This is the first of five meetings organised by the Balearic Youth Institute, part of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Sports, aimed at cyber-mentors in the Balearic Islands. A programme that trains young people to make safe and healthy use of the digital world.

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The Cibermentors programme is an IBJOVE initiative which, since it was launched seven years ago, has trained more than 2,000 young people in techniques for responsible and safe use of the Internet. These young people at the same time train their schoolmates on the subject.

This year the cyber mentor’s face-to-face meetings have resumed, with 27 secondary schools in Mallorca and Eivissa taking part in the programme during the 21/22 academic year. In total, more than 600 young secondary school students and more than 70 teachers will be trained during these weeks.

The general objective of these meetings is to continue empowering cyber mentors in their task of promoting good use of new technologies, as well as the prevention and detection of cyberbullying, or other inappropriate behaviour on the networks among their peers.

During the meetings, through specific dynamics, the students from the different schools will start to get to know each other and become aware that they are part of a great project, of a network. Through participatory workshops, they will improve their knowledge about detecting inappropriate behaviour in the network; with dynamics and games, they will consolidate what they have learned and with music and dances they will strengthen group bonds.

The workshops are divided into two parts. On the one hand, those dedicated to the knowledge of new developments in relation to ICTs, which are: What is crypto? What crypto is all about, Netflix inside and Achieve your goals with Lego Serious Play.
On the other hand, those dedicated to playful/reflective learning, which is: Body percussion, Dancehall and Managing emotions through theatre.
As a result of these meetings, at the end of June, the state meeting of youth correspondents will be held at CEULAJ in Mollina (Malaga), where a small group of a cyber mentors from the Balearic Islands will have the opportunity to participate and explain this programme.