600,000 € investment over two years to connect regional public buildings with fibre optics

Mar 23, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

\ The CAIB’s so-called capillary network provides voice and data services to 768 offices, including ministries, offices, schools and health centres.
\ The Bit Foundation is the public body responsible for the telecommunications of the autonomous administration and its instrumental sector.

The Consell de Govern has agreed today, at the proposal of the Councillor for European Funds, University and Culture, Miquel Company, to grant prior authorisation to the Balearic Foundation for Innovation and Technology (BIT) to process an expenditure file for a maximum amount of €595,508.40 (VAT included) in order to contract the New Ethernet fibre optic broadband access service for a period of two years.

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With this investment, the Govern’s corporate network will leave behind the ADSL technology it has mostly used until now and will connect the capillary network of the autonomous administration with fibre optics. This will improve the interconnection of voice and data between the different buildings owned by the Government throughout the island.

The demand for telecommunications services by the Government requires increasing bandwidths in order to interconnect the 768 sites that make up this network (schools, health centres, office buildings, departments, etc.), so it is necessary to adapt the current infrastructure and evolve towards new technologies with greater capacity.

New Ethernet Broadband (NEBA) is an indirect access wholesale broadband service whereby Telefónica de España, S.A., an operator with significant market power, is obliged to offer other operators access to its network.

The NEBA offer is regulated by the National Markets and Competition Commission, which defines the procedures for its provision, technical conditions and prices of the service in its different modalities (residential and business) for copper and fibre optic access to the operator’s interconnection point.