The first women cossiers will dance in Inca for Easter

Mar 25, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

After more than two years without going out due to Covid-19, the Cossiers Revetlla de Inca are once again joining the Easter Festivities in the city of Inca. This year, as a novelty, they will also take part in the women’s cossiers dance.

Thus, they will join the ball dels Cossiers: M. Àngels Espejo, Assumpció Codony, Marga Mateu i Xesca Maria Pons, who will take part in the procession of the gathering and the mass to be held in the church of Santa Maria la Major. So, from now on, the women will be included with the men and by drawing lots, performance after performance, the people who will perform the Cossiers’ dance will be chosen. It should be remembered that in Inca the Cossiers are also part of the Santa María la Mayor celebrations, which take place in November.

In this respect, it should be noted that in 1992 the Revetla d’Inca already recovered the figure of the “Dama” as the protagonist and represented by a woman, and not by a man as was tradition. “Now is the right time to go a step further and give more importance to women in these fiestas and traditions”, explains the association’s president, Rafel Beltrán.

For her part, the councillor for Equality of the Inca Town Council, Antònia Maria Sabater, stresses that “we are very happy that the Revetla d’Inca has decided to include the women cossiers in its traditions, and little by little, between us and everyone else, we are moving towards real and effective equality.

The dance of the Cossiers will take place next Easter Sunday, 17th April, as part of the Solemn Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord, celebrated in the church of Santa Maria la Major.