Easter Week returns to the streets of Inca

Mar 27, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

This week the church of the monastery of Sant Bartomeu was the setting for the presentation of the programme of events for Easter Week in Inca, organised by the Associació de Confraries de Setmana Santa d’Inca (Association of Easter Week Confraternities of Inca).
The event was attended by: Virgilio Moreno; the councillor for Participation, Andreu Caballero; the rector of the Pastoral Unitat de la Mare de Déu, Carles Seguí; and the entire board of directors of l’associació de Confraries de Setmana Santa d’Inca along with Josep Noguera.

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“After two years, the processions return to the streets of Inca. Two years of anxiety and difficulties that have not ended, so I want responsibility by participating in the processions and events organized, respecting the existing restrictions, “said the president Noguera.

The program has been illustrated by the painter Mr. Andrew Pinder, who has been able to impregnate modernity to the traditional program of events of Holy Week.

In terms of content, the format and location of the traditional pre-concert to be held in the church of Sant Domingo, after the procession of the standards from the church of Santa Maria la Major to the church of Sant Domingo, has been modified.

The Holy Week will start with the projection of the II edition of “Converses per la Setmana Santa” which consists of an interview with Mr. Bisbe Toni Vadell made last November.
After this interview, there will be a chamber music concert that will interpret some movements of “Les set darreres paraules de Jesús a la creu” by the composer Joseph Haydn.

Among other activities, the procession of Rams, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Encounter will be held in accordance with the health restrictions in force.

The VIACRUCIS will also take place which will preach to the “Joves de l’Aventura de Jesús” of the parishes of the Inca. Of this procession, it should be noted the silence of the participants along the Way of the Cross.

An Easter Week photography competition has been organised with cash prizes, where the winning or runner-up photographs will illustrate the Easter Week 2023 programme.

In addition, to give visibility to Holy Week, a banner will be hung on the façade of the Parish to announce that we are in the Holy Week.