Health will invest 50 million euros to consolidate and expand professional staff in the health area of Eivissa and Formentera

Mar 27, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Department of Health and Consumer Affairs will invest more than 50 million euros over the next few years in the health area of Ibiza and Formentera to consolidate and increase professional staff, to continue reforming and expanding care centres, to equip the Can Misses Hospital with the latest technology and to implement the contract with the Policlínica Nuestra Señora del Rosario by which more than 8,000 medical procedures will be referred in two years with the aim of reducing waiting lists.

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Health today presented the Special Plan 2022-2024 for the Ibiza and Formentera Health Area, which includes the measures necessary to improve the situation of the health area’s healthcare services. The Plan was presented by the councillor of Health and Consumer Affairs, Patricia Gómez, accompanied by the director-general of the Health Service, Juli Fuster, the manager of the Health Area, Carmen Santos, and the entire management team of Ibiza and Formentera.

The Special Plan for Ibiza and Formentera addresses three major areas dedicated to consolidating and increasing the human resources workforce; investment to reform and create new infrastructure and technology for the future; and lastly, to activate patient referral agreements to reduce waiting lists.

This was stated by the councillor of Health and Consumer Affairs, Patricia Gómez, who also stressed that the Plan will allow for the recovery of the activity affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and reiterated her gratitude to all the professionals of the Ibiza and Formentera Health Area.

Labour consolidation plan

The goal of the Health Service is to consolidate over 2022 a total of 105 contracts of professionals of the Health Area of Ibiza and Formentera that until now were temporary contracts, and that with this consolidation of jobs will become interim contracts.

Specifically, these are 46 primary care professionals (21 nurses, 17 doctors and a clinical psychologist, among others) and 59 contracts for hospitalisation professionals (24 nurses, 11 TCAE and 10 area specialist doctors, among others).

The Health Service also plans to increase the structural staff with 40 new positions (with an investment of 2.5 million euros in chapter 1), of which 20 correspond to hospital specialist positions, 9 to primary care specialist positions, 4 to hospital nursing positions and 6 to primary care positions.

The Health Service has also consolidated 160 jobs created during the pandemic to deal with COVID-19, which represent a consolidation of structural staff by 2022, at an estimated cost of 5.2 million euros.

This labour consolidation plan already began at the end of last year, with the public call for nurses, in which a total of 79 professionals in the Ibiza and Formentera Health Area were consolidated with interim and long-term positions. To these were added 44 more contracts for auxiliary nursing care technicians and 28 administrative assistants. This represents a total, so far, of 151 consolidated positions.

As part of the Special Plan 2022-2024, the Health Service also plans several measures to attract and retain professionals, such as the following:

Encouraging professionals to take their holidays outside of the normal holiday period
Increasing the training budget (€400,000 to increase the number of MIR places).
Promote a campaign to recruit professionals at universities.