More than 4,000 students have participated in the activities of Xarxa Forestal during the last school year.

Mar 28, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The 2020/21 school year closes with more than 217 environmental education activities on forestry themes
The environmental education team of Xarxa Forestal has carried out 217 activities during the last school year 2020/21 in which 4190 students from different educational cycles have participated. Among the activities carried out were forestry talks and workshops, volunteering days, visits to the Menut Forestry Centre (CEFOR), reforestations and visits to firefighting resources.

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Within the offer of the Xarxa Forestal programme, talks have been given, most of them focused on the prevention of forest fires and the importance of forests in soil conservation. In fact, the soil has also been one of the main themes of the practical workshops, where students have learned about soil decomposers. The most successful were those on seeds and tree trunks.

In addition, the pupils participated in various reforestations in eroded or bare areas. In the same schools, there have been collaborations to create gardens with native plants produced in Menut. In this public farm, visits have been offered to understand the process of obtaining the seed, from the moment it is harvested until it is ready for sowing.

Coinciding with the season of high risk of forest fires, priority was given to activities aimed at raising awareness of the danger of fire. For this reason, the pupils actively participated in the annual drawing competition, the winner of which was used to illustrate the poster for the Ni un foc al Bosc (No Fire in the Forest) campaign. They have also visited the facilities to learn about the technical and human resources for forest fire extinction.

During the school year, in spite of the restrictions, the number of activities was recovered with respect to the previous year, although the figures of the years prior to the pandemic have not yet been recovered.

The Xarxa Forestal team has adapted different activities to the social distancing and has continued to work to promote respect for forests and their inhabitants, transmitting the values of the forest environment and forest prevention, especially among the school population.