Information on the reception of refugees

Mar 30, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Red Cross, which has been entrusted by the Spanish government with the reception and accompaniment of refugees in the Balearic Islands, has reported that it has found two blocks of rooms in a hotel complex to rent, which will allow the majority of those housed in the Hotel Covid to avoid transient accommodation and to be transferred directly and over a longer period of time (from one month to one year). Specifically, there are 160 places.

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A further 58 refugees from the Hotel Covid will be transferred to other temporary spaces, two in particular, which have been identified and are already available.

In the Hotel Bellver, 25 rooms (+/- 50 beds) will be maintained for the care of the refugees for another month as part of the offer made by Melià to the Government.

The Red Cross, within its delegated competencies, will be in charge of the referrals and attention to the refugees in the new spaces.

The fact that these are stable places and that they are available from now on is an advantage because it will save a month’s transfer. At the same time, from the point of view of the management that the Red Cross will do, these 160 places are considered an opportunity instead of different spaces in different places.

Earlier today, the government contacted the Hotel Federation of Mallorca to inform them that the fact that the Red Cross has found and searched for this space of 160 places in the last few hours will make it possible not to make use of the bridging places offered. The government has once again acknowledged the solidarity shown by the Hotel Federation of Mallorca and its associates who have made places available to the refugees.

The Govern, as well as other institutions, continues to provide and seek spaces as part of its commitment to collaborate with the Government of Spain to make them available to the refugee protection system managed by the Red Cross in our community.