Discontinuous permanent workers will be able to access the ordinary benefit during April, even if they have not been called by their companies.

Mar 31, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Councillor for Economic Model, Tourism and Employment, Iago Negueruela, met today with the general secretaries of services of UGT, José García Relucio, and CCOO, Silvia Montejano, to report on the steps that the Department has taken with the Secretary of State for Employment to provide a clarified response to the situation of discontinuous permanent workers for the month of April, the month in which the extraordinary benefit available to this group due to the restrictions caused by the COVID lapses.

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In this regard, Negueruela reported that workers who have generated the right to receive ordinary benefits or subsidies will be able to apply directly to the Spanish Public Employment Service (SEPE), without having to go through the SOIB first, because they are already registered as job seekers.

Negueruela stressed that each interested party will have to apply to the SEPE individually, as the benefit will not be granted ex officio. In this regard, the councillor stressed that the SEPE will make all available resources available to ensure that the payment of the corresponding benefit or subsidy is made as quickly as possible.

This situation arises with the start of the tourist season, wherein April the vast majority of calls to permanent seasonal workers will be made. However, with the end of the extraordinary allowance at the end of March, certain doubts had arisen which, after the consultations carried out by the Consellería, have been resolved. In this regard, the Councillor for Employment has indicated that since 16 March this situation was being worked on with the Secretary of State for Employment of the Ministry of Employment, Joaquín Pérez-Rey, whom he thanked for his efforts to clarify this very specific case.

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On the other hand, Negueruela explained that, with two days to go before the end of March, there have been 16,259 calls for permanent discontinuous workers, which is more than the 14,600 calls that were made during March 2019, that is, in the last pre-pandemic year, and with Easter Week coinciding in time with 2022. Therefore, the councillor has indicated that the progression that is being observed is in the direction of bringing forward the number of people hired for this month of April.