The Govern will allocate 1.5 million euros more to IB3’s own production budget this year

Mar 31, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Govern will allocate 1.5 million euros to increase IB3’s budget for in-house production this year. In this way, the commitment made by the President of the Government, Francina Armengol, and the Minister of the Presidency, Public Function and Equality, Mercedes Garrido, with the Association of Audiovisual Producers of the Balearic Islands, APAIB, as well as with the whole of the audiovisual sector of the islands, is materialised.

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As a result, the public broadcaster’s budget for its own production will increase from the 8.3 million euros planned for this year to 9.8 million euros. The aforementioned increase will be earmarked for the Balearic Islands’ own production, in order to expand and strengthen the network of professionals and companies in the audiovisual sector in the Balearic Islands. This will boost their role in the diversification and recovery of the islands’ economy, while at the same time raising the profile of the successful careers of these companies and professionals and encouraging the consolidation of creative talent.

Garrido considered that this increase represents an important economic injection to the Balearic audiovisual sector, because it continues to be a leading and cutting-edge industry in our community, and supports the nearly 1,000 families and more than 150 companies, entities and self-employed professionals that make it up.

The increase in the budget allocation of the Ente Público de Radiotelevisión de las Islas Baleares for the financial year 2022 by 1,500,000 € provided for in the Decree-Law will come, on the one hand, from the increase in the contribution of the Govern de las Islas Baleares by 1,100,000 € and, on the other hand, from the use of the remaining credits of the entity from the financial year 2021, generated by the increase in advertising sales, in the amount of 400,000 €.

In this way, the Govern is fulfilling its commitment to revitalise and promote the island’s audiovisual sector, which has also suffered the consequences of the pandemic, along with the rest of the economic sectors. This important improvement is in addition to the process of internalisation of the public radio and television news services.