Refund of fuel price rebates

Apr 1, 2022 | Post, Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Petrol stations will be able to apply from today for the 20 cent advance on fuel prices

The Tax Agency will today make available to all service stations the online form for applying for the advance payment on account of the 20 cent discount that will begin to be applied to users on the price of fuels and combustibles, in accordance with Royal Decree-Law 6/2022, of 30 March.

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The form will be published in the Tax Agency’s electronic headquarters. Service stations will only have to fill in the identification data and a bank account number to which the advance payment should be paid. Authentication with the Clave system or electronic certificate is required to submit the form.

Once the applications have been received, the Agency will start making payments next week. These advances on account may be requested for the maximum amount of the bonus corresponding to 90% of the average monthly volume of the products included in the target scope of the bonus sold by the service station in 2021, as reported to the census of companies making direct sales to final consumers. The amount of the advance, as established in the Royal Decree-Law, may not exceed two million euros, nor be less than 1,000 euros.
At the same time, the Tax Agency will work on the development, as quickly as possible, of the specific online form for the application for the monthly refund of the rebates applied, and also of the two forms necessary for the beneficiaries of the aid provided for in the Royal Decree-Law for gas-intensive industry and for the transport sector to apply for the single payment.