Alicia Osuna Diaz from Sa Quartera Hardware in Binissalem counsels us on how to get our Homestyle in their weekly space “Do it yourself “.

Apr 4, 2022 | Interview, Current affairs, Featured

Alicia defines herself as a binissalemera of heart. As a matter of a fact, it led her to change from Inca to Binissalem. She married and has now two kids aged 6 and 3.

Her day-to-day takes place in the Sa Quartera Hardware Store, located in the street Sa Quartera, nº 1 of Binissalem.

We can say that Alicia will stylize our house, therefore it will be the beneficiary of her advice. Her years of experience at the Hardware Store back her up.

We can follow Hardware Sa Quartera on Facebook and also will be attended on the phone 633 59 18 60.

Enterprising and restless woman. Always on the lookout for the latest news and technical improvements. Not just a promoter of care for the environment also encourages using organic products.

She has told us about the qualities of something that very few of us know bears the ecological name. These are paintings made of natural raw materials. They have become essential to renew and give that touch of style to the space that envelops our dreams. We cannot fail to admire the style and good know-how of Alicia and all her team that from the Sa Quartera Hardware Store will enter each week with the section “Do it yourself” in the fantastic world of the search for our home style.

How would you describe the Sa Quartea Hardware Store?

I would say it is my great passion. As a  proximity store with a great diversity of products. Quality and excellence are our sign of identity also the best price. What best defines us is the sustainable word. We are a sustainable hardware store where most of our products are ecological.

We have been told that you’re passionate about decorating both, interiors and exteriors so we imagine you are in your paradise.

Yes, decoration is another of my passions. In our hardware store, we can supply all the needed to furnish our home. Also, our main advantage is that we complement it with the services of an electrical installer. This allows our customers to find everything they require in our store.

From the small appliances to the installation of very useful air conditioners. We have multiple themed spaces. As a mother, we could not forget the children. The chefs enter their particular paradise as this we want to popularize them. Therefore, we have a wide variety of pots, pans, cutlery. On the other hand, decorating the tables has nothing to envy to those of Samantha Vallejo-Nájera. Instead would show her the qualities of our stretcher tables, I’m sure she will be surprised by their round, oval shapes. They are made to measure with every detail luxury. A great luxury made in Binissalem.

What is most in demand at Sa Quartera Hardware this time of year?

The change of season allows us to approach our terrace furniture. Its treatment is essential to assure its continuance. We would concentrate on wood treatments until the cleaning of those made with plastic materials. To clean them, we will use specific products for their treatment,  products that protect them from the inclemencies of the weather such as humidity, sun, rain. Those that are in the coastal zone require better treatment as they are near the sea, normally notorious. The second residence in Mallorca will need more setup.

From Thursday Daily Bulletin we look forward to your tips. Since 2020 we spend more time at home. Small details count and the versatility of spaces has arrived. We want to learn from Alicia how to renew ourselves and take advantage of these spaces. We’ll do it ourselves with Alicia as master of ceremonies.