Inés Sedano places Inca with Rhythm Nation Inca on the podium of urban dance

Apr 4, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Interview, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

As she likes to be called by her more than 250 students, Inesita is restless at heart. She has dance and law in her veins. At the age of four, she started with the most traditional Mallorcan dance, the “bot”. In this case in the family, tradition is reflected in her knowledge of social jurisdiction, backed by her degree from the University of the Balearic Islands.
Tradition gave way to modernity and she went from student to teacher. London saw her as a student and she was taught by teachers such as Anthony King, a dancer and Michael Jackson performance artist.
Xavi Monreal, Lil’J, choreographer of Britney Spears among others, Jimmy Williams, Popping/Locking.
Absorbing and putting in the suitcase, the various techniques of Street Dance, Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Commercial, MJ Style, among others, that today we can learn in Rhythm Nation Incas in the street Santa Teresa 15 of Inca.

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We are welcomed at the Pastelería Nord, with part of the Rhythm Family represented by two mothers. Catalina González Simonet and Carmen López Ballesteros are two of the “inqueras” delighted with the teachings and the healthy lifestyle that their children, the next generation of “inqueras”, have acquired thanks to Inés and her Rhythm Nation. Juan Carlos González from the Web Guide,, has been our matchmaker and like a Cupido, he has made us fall in love with Inés and her Rhythm Nation Inca for which we can only thank Juan Carlos for this wonderful encounter.

Catalina González Simonet, Inés Sedano, Carmen López Ballesteros, Juan Carlos González

How do you feel about Inca?

It is another of my great passions. I have been living in the capital of Raiguer for 15 years. Here is my home and the embodiment of a dream come true.
Inca has been the name we have taken in the different national and international competitions we have entered at Rhythm Nation Inca Dance Studio.
It is our compass-talisman and the place where we are placed on the map and where people come from different parts of the island to enjoy our passion for dance. So we can consider ourselves the ambassadors of Inca in the world of dance. This effort and dedication have been reflected in the participation in different competitions.

Among them :
Urban Shadows, Auditorium del Massimo, Rome, July 2019
Resurrection, in the Urbana Championship, 3rd category Youth

Eclipse, regional hip hop championship, 2nd place in the children’s category, Inca, July 2021

Rhythm teens, regional hip hop championship, 3rd classified children’s category, Inca 2021

Tell us what we can find in, Rhythm Nation Inca

Is a Dance Academy specialising in Urban Dance in the heart of Mallorca? The Academy has become a social centre, a big family.
Since 2018 we offer the best dance training.
We have more than 15 teachers with great training, National and international, more than 20 styles to choose from, for all ages and levels. Commercial, Krump, Queen, House, Twerk, Afro-Fusion, Ballet, Salsa/Bachata, Acrobatics… and a long etc of styles.

This need has become a responsibility to transmit our experiences and encourage interaction in an increasingly impersonal world.
The last course closed with 250 students, the majority of whom were inqueros, and we are expecting around 300 for next September, which has led us to expand our facilities and adapt to the new rhythm of inqueros that make up this great community of Rhythm Nation.

What is the added value of Rhythm Nation?

Our biggest difference is found in every one of the people who make our existence possible. Our students are considered in a personalised way so that they can discover and develop their skills and passions, but with an overall vision.

The involvement in the classes is noticeable from the first moment as each dancer is part of this great community and working together defines the group.
Education, good manners and elegance in life together with the motto ” Mens sana in corpore sano “is one of our maxims. The parents congratulate us as we are oriented towards this social interaction and personalisation in a world dominated by touchscreens.

With Inés’ permission, I would like to reveal the secret of the origin of Rhythm Nation’s name. It comes from Janet Jackson’s song so we are sure to be in the right place at the right time “People of today’s world we are looking for a better way of life. We are part of the Rhythm Nation”.