The Consell de la Joventut chooses the new Permanent Commission that will lead the transformation of the body into an autonomous entity that does not depend on the Government.

Apr 4, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Pau Emili Muñoz, from Jóvenes de Mallorca por la Lengua, heads the new team, which includes entities with very diverse sensibilities and sectors.

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The Youth Council of the Balearic Islands (CJIB) has chosen today, Saturday, the new Permanent Commission of this youth participation body that gives a voice to the nearly 200,000 young Balearic youths. The candidacy headed by the young Pau Emili Muñoz, the only one standing in the elections, has been chosen unanimously. The new team is characterized by bringing together representatives of up to seven different entities, which shows the desire to integrate the different sensitivities and sectors that make up the CJIB.

The new governing team of the CJIB starts with a very specific mission: to lead the process of transforming the body into an autonomous and independent entity of the Government and to consolidate it as a benchmark in the promotion of public policies that facilitate the development of youth in all areas.

In this regard, it should be remembered that the CJIB was recovered in 2016 as a body without legal personality attached to the ministry responsible for youth affairs after it was abruptly abolished by decree-law in 2012. The new CJIB, however, did not satisfy the demands of the youth organisations, which soon asked to be constituted as an autonomous entity. This will finally be possible through the new Law on Youth Policies, which is currently going through parliament and which envisages that the CJIB will be a public sectoral corporation with a private base.

Precisely, the outgoing Commission has played a fundamental role in the drafting of Chapter IV of the Youth Policies Bill, dedicated to youth participation, in which the new legal form for the CJIB is foreseen. During the session, thanks were expressed for the work of the previous team in bringing together young people and giving them a voice in all institutions.

During the session, the management reports for 2021 and the entity’s budget for 2022, set at 92,500 euros, were also approved. These funds are used exclusively to finance youth policies, as none of the members of the Standing Committee receives a salary from the entity and all perform their tasks voluntarily and disinterestedly.

The plenary session of the CJIB, where the Standing Committee was renewed, was attended by the Director-General for Children, Youth and Families, Marta Carrió, who encouraged the new team to continue with their role of influencing the public authorities so that the demands of young people are met. The president of the Spanish Youth Council, Elena Ruiz, was also present.