The Ministry of Social Affairs and Sports launches the new platform for the census of sports facilities of the Balearic Islands.

Apr 7, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Until now, the platform for consultation of the census of sports facilities of the Balearic Islands was that of the Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD). Today, with the new platform released by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Sports, adaptable to any type of device (mobile, tablet or computer), the contents are more personalized, both images and symbols and anagrams. Another advantage is that consultations are more intuitive and easier than on the CSD platform.

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The platform developed by and maintained by the Directorate General of Sports shows the total number in the Balearic Islands of:

  • Facilities.
  • Sports and complementary spaces.
  • Sports modalities.

There is the possibility of searching for facilities on a map, which are marked, and the number of facilities in the displayed area is indicated.

English has been included as a new query language, in addition to Catalan and Spanish.

It is possible to create customized maps of an area. This option would allow, for example, a municipality or entity, to put in their respective websites a box with a specific view of the facilities of the municipality.

Once the sports facility has been found, the information that appears is as follows:

  1. Photos of the facility.
  2. The sports spaces of the facility, with the characteristics of the space and linked spaces.
  3. A “how to get there” button, which if clicked displays a screen to enter the place of departure and will indicate the necessary data to reach the facility.
  4. Download in PDF, which allows us to download a document in pdf format with the data of the installation.
  5. Report error, where we can report any type of error in the installation data.

The municipalities can modify the data of their facilities that would be subsequently reviewed by the technicians of the General Directorate of Sports, which will allow the census to be updated.

It should also be noted that significant data are collected that are not included in the National Census, such as the energy rating.

The application of this census of sports facilities allows the citizen, in a simple way, to make queries of the sports facilities of the Balearic Islands.

In addition, it facilitates the use of sports facilities to promote the practice of sports, as well as the habits of an active and healthy life.

Attached is a link to the census of sports facilities in the Balearic Islands: