The SOIB will manage 90 million for new active employment policies in 2022, according to the distribution of funds made in the sectoral conferences of Labour and Education

Apr 8, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Government increases by 17% the resources to continue deploying employment policies and improve the economic model and the insertion of the most vulnerable groups
The State Government has granted 89,922,000 euros to the Government of the Balearic Islands to develop active employment policies, after the sectoral conferences on Employment and Education were held between all the Autonomous Communities, in which the main point on the agenda of both meetings was the territorial distribution of the finalist funds from the State.

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The sum of the contributions of the sectoral conferences, which will be allocated to the management of the Employment Service (SOIB), is the highest that the Balearic Islands has ever received; with respect to 2021, the 89.9 million represents an increase of more than 11 million euros or 17%. This increase in State contributions to active employment policies for the Islands is due to the fact that, among the distribution criteria, the Spanish Government rewards the effectiveness of the actions implemented, as well as the high level of execution of these measures.

Of the 90 million, 49.9 million will be allocated to deploying vocational training policies for employment and the remaining 40 million to guidance, employment promotion and labour intermediation policies. In terms of the origin of the funds, it is worth mentioning that more than 12 million euros come from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism of the EU Next Generation Funds.

All in all, the figure received this year represents an all-time high in terms of resources received in the Balearic Islands. In this regard, the Regional Ministry of Economic Model, Tourism and Labour has reported that the SOIB has been increasing the attraction of more economic resources since 2015, to the point of more than tripling the budget allocated in that year (27 million euros).

This year’s 90 million will be used to cover the different active employment, training, intermediation and guidance policies that the SOIB is launching this year, with a multi-year duration, which will combine the structural promotion of training, especially dual training programmes, and labour intermediation, with the design of specific employment policies for the most vulnerable groups, especially those with long-term unemployment, to achieve a more inclusive and quality labour market.