Inca launches a new callisthenics circuit

Aug 4, 2022 | Featured, Current affairs, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Inca Town Council has completed the installation of three new sports areas in the municipality with callisthenics elements. Specifically, outdoor physical workout circuits have been installed in the Plaça del Mediterrani, the Parc de les Illes Balears and the Plaça dels Pobladors, in addition to those already in place in the Plaça de Mallorca and the Parc Europa.

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“In this way, we want to continue promoting healthy lifestyle habits and facilitate the practice of sport and physical activity in the open air,” explains the mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno.

Callisthenics is a system of training with physical exercises that are performed with one’s own body weight and allow one to work, in addition to physical strength, flexibility, agility and coordination. In fact, there are many people who practice sports outdoors in Inca, which is why the demand for this type of facility in public areas and green spaces has been growing.

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In this sense, the Councillor for Sports, Antoni Peña, explains that “in order to respond to these requests from the citizens of Inca, these new circuits have been built in public spaces. In this way, we are also modernising our sports facilities and adapting them to new needs as they arise”.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the Inca Town Council is currently developing an important project in the Mateu Cañellas municipal sports centre and a new multi-sports court will be created in the old hockey court and two sets of baskets, a complete set of volleyball equipment, a judge’s chair, a set of hockey goals and a set of five-a-side football goals will be installed. Three new warm-up areas will also be created next to the athletics track and a multi-sports warm-up track will be built at one end of the area between the football pitch and the athletics track. The athletics track will also be renovated.