Son Llatzer starts a humanisation project in the Oncohaematology Day Hospital

Aug 6, 2022 | Post, Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Son Llatzer University Hospital has launched a humanisation project in the waiting rooms of the Oncohaematology Day Hospital with the aim of minimising patients’ anxiety during waiting times by using positive distractions to help them relax, disconnect and avoid negative thoughts.

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The humanisation of healthcare places the patient at the centre, of a process that comprehensively addresses their well-being by considering all its dimensions (physical, emotional and social). The creation of environments that favour a feeling of well-being and relaxation is a priority for Son Llàtzer, as it has been shown in various studies that reducing stress in patients has multiple benefits.

Aspects such as the distribution of spaces, colours and the use of light are crucial for humanisation, as they make the stay of patients and their companions easier and more pleasant, as well as the work of the staff. During the treatment process of the disease, which can be very long, these spaces become a routine environment for patients, who usually face long waits and moments of great emotional burden and stress.

Joana Marqués, the nursing supervisor at the Oncohematology Day Hospital, says that “this project serves to care for the experience of the disease of people who are going through an oncological process. Patients usually spend an average of eight weeks in the oncology waiting rooms. Almost all patients agree that the waiting time has a very negative influence on their mood.

The aim of this initiative is to use drawing, colours and origami to create a pleasant area where patients and staff can participate and leave their contributions. Joana Marqués concludes that “in this space that we share for so many hours we want to create, with the help of the patients, a mural that makes them feel that they are not alone here and that we can all do our bit to create a more pleasant environment, with colour and wishes”.

The Hospital Universitario Son Llatzer works to ensure that the quality of care received by patients and their companions is excellent, and for this reason, it is committed to humanisation in all its services.