The IBE puts out to tender the execution of nine shared self-consumption projects that will benefit up to 570 households and 53 companies in Mallorca and Menorca

Aug 6, 2022 | Post, Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Balearic Energy Institute (IBE), an entity attached to the Vice-Presidency and Regional Ministry of Energy Transition, Productive Sectors and Democratic Memory, has put out to tender the execution of nine shared self-consumption projects located in Mallorca and Menorca with the aim of continuing to promote energy sovereignty. The projects will be located in Algaida, Artá, Esporles, Llucmajor and Palma (in Mallorca); and in Ciutadella, Ferreries and Es Mercadal (in Menorca).

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The total cost of the nine projects is 787,780.29 euros plus VAT, and it is expected that, with their implementation, the projects will benefit between 280 and 570 homes and up to 53 businesses. The nine installations will total 451.7 kW, which will save 324.11 tonnes of CO2/year.

The contract is structured in six lots so that the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises will be facilitated, as at most each company will be able to win two lots. The execution period for the projects will be 18 weeks for each of the works from the formalisation of the contract and the deadline for submitting bids will remain open until 9 September via the contracting platform.

The projects


In the case of Algaida, the tender is for the execution of the installation works to be carried out in the town’s Multi-purpose Hall for 41,116.04 euros plus VAT and will have up to 20 kW of power. The project is expected to benefit between 10 and 20 households, four companies and the Town Council itself, as well as reducing emissions by 15.95 tonnes of CO2/year.


The Esporles project will be implemented at the Training Centre, is being tendered for 40,023.19 euros plus VAT and is expected to add 20 kW. This project is expected to benefit between 10 and 20 households, four businesses and the Town Hall itself, as well as reducing emissions by 15.31 tonnes of CO2/year.


The installation is planned for CEIP Rei Jaume III. The tender price for the execution of the project is 154,573.72 euros plus VAT and provides for up to 79 kW of power. This shared self-consumption would benefit between 40 and 80 households, up to six companies and the City Council itself. It will also reduce the emission of 57.09 tonnes of CO2/year.


In this municipality, installations will be installed in the Pou de Sa Lluna and Na Caragol kindergartens. The tender for the project amounts to 144,197.14 euros plus VAT and will involve 80 kW of power that will benefit between 40 and 80 households, six companies and the Town Hall. With the implementation of this project, 72.25 tonnes of CO2/year will be saved.


Ciutadella has a project located in public housing (HPP), located in the street of Oristano and with a bidding price of 37,876.53 euros plus VAT. With this installation, up to 22 kW will be added and between 16 and 32 households and four companies will be able to benefit from it. In addition, 15.36 tonnes of CO2/year will be saved.


The project located in Ferreries is also in a HPP, specifically in Son Morera street, and the installation would add up to 18.7 kW of power. The tender price is 121,987.21 euros plus VAT and is expected to benefit between 13 and 26 households, as well as five companies in the municipality. This installation would eliminate the emission of 12.57 tonnes of CO2/year.

Es Mercadal

This municipality’s project is located in another HPP, specifically in the Ronda de Ses Costes. The tender has a price of 97,315.85 euros plus VAT and foresees that the installation will have a total power of 88 kW. This project is expected to benefit between 63 and 136 households and up to six companies, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions by 62.83 tonnes per year.


Finally, two projects will be implemented in Palma. The first, in an IBAVI building and in the IB3 Ràdio building. The tender for the execution of this project has a price of 120,751.39 euros plus VAT. Once the installation is up and running, it will provide up to 64 kW of power and could benefit between 46 and 92 households, as well as up to nine companies. This project will reduce emissions by 23.22 tonnes of CO2/year.

The other installation in Palma is located in a HPP in Plataners street. The price is 119,597.26 euros plus VAT and provides for the addition of 60 kW of power. This installation is expected to benefit between 42 and 84 households and nine companies. It will also reduce CO2 emissions by 49.53 tonnes per year.

It should be noted that the IBAVI ceded the Palma, Ciutadella, Es Mercadal and Ferreries projects to the IBE. The economic return from the projects will finance the refurbishment of the buildings.

Twenty-seven projects by 2022 in Mallorca, five in Ibiza and three in Menorca

In 2021, IBE invested 750,000 euros in six medium-sized shared self-consumption photovoltaic solar energy projects, which will produce a total of 460 kW in the Balearic Islands. By 2022 the IBE plans to launch a total of 41 projects, of which 27 are in Mallorca (12 in Palma and 15 in the Part Forana) and five in Ibiza. These projects will benefit more than 2,000 homes and more than 200 companies. The IBE has a total investment forecast of 382,500 euros on the island of Ibiza. In the case of Menorca, the IBE is in the process of drafting three additional projects.