Work begins on the construction of a new pipeline in Inca to improve the efficiency of the municipal water service

Aug 10, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Inca Town Council is installing a new drinking water pipeline from the Sa Mina de Lloseta reservoir to the connection with the distribution ring at the entrance to the municipality. The purpose of this project, which will involve an investment of more than 900,000 euros, is to continue improving the service and increase its efficiency.

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“We are working resolutely to improve the profitability and sustainability of the municipal water network, and with this new investment we want to take another step forward to continue renewing and modernising the infrastructures and installations with the aim of guaranteeing optimum operation and maintenance of the service,” says the mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno.

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Work is currently underway on the installation of the pipeline in Puig de Massanella street, which is progressing at a good pace. Specifically, the old pipe is being replaced with a new 300 and 200 mm diameter cast iron pipe and a new HDPE110 pipe is being installed, which runs through the public domain and will supply the town centre of Inca and the scattered plots of land to the west of the municipality.

In this way, the new pipe is connected to the Inca distribution network at two points: at Avenida del General Luque and Calle Francesc de Borja Moll, and is distributed along Calle Puig de Massanella to Camí Vell de Inca.

In this regard, it is worth remembering that nowadays the supply of drinking water to the city of Inca is carried out, in part, from the water extracted from the wells located in the estates of Es Tancats and Sa Mina, both located in the municipality of Lloseta, as well as from the well in the square of Es Bestiar d’Inca. Subsequently, it is stored in a tank located on the Sa Mina estate, from where it is pumped through a DN-200 fibre cement pipe to the Inca perimeter distribution ring, supplying rural estates in Loseta and Inca along the way. Due to the ageing of the pipe, there are frequent ruptures, and given that a large part of its route runs through private property, it is difficult to repair.

“Therefore, with this new pipeline, the aim is to achieve fewer breaks and fewer leaks and, consequently, a reduction in the maintenance costs of the network and a reduction in the water extracted from the wells, which will cut the cost of the energy consumed”, explains the Councillor for Services, María del Carmen Oses.