The Balearic Ministry of Social Affairs and Sports, through the IBJOVE, is interviewing 3,000 young people aged 15 to 34 to find out about the needs and demands of young people.

Aug 13, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Regional Ministry of Social Affairs and Sports, through the Balearic Youth Institute (IBJOVE), has been interviewing 3,000 young people in the Balearic Islands since last June and until October. The survey, which is being carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Statistics of the Balearic Islands (IBESTAT) and the different island councils of the Balearic Islands, will gather information from young residents aged between 15 and 34. The aim is to find out the reality, needs and demands of young people in most areas of life in order to develop more appropriate youth policies that contribute to improving the quality of life of young people.

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The survey consists of 192 questions, dealing with all aspects of life that affect young people, in a representative sample of Palma, Part Forana de Mallorca, Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera. The subject matter of the questions revolves around education and training; emancipation, occupation and housing; leisure and the internet; culture and language; social cohesion; participation and politics; health, sexuality and lifestyles; and general satisfaction and expectations for the future.

This is a very ambitious and wide-ranging survey. Until now, partial studies had been carried out, but none had been such a complete survey in which such a large number of young people were interviewed and which covered so many fields.

The Regional Ministry of Social Affairs and Sports believes that this survey is gathering relevant, reliable and up-to-date information that provides knowledge of the living conditions of young people and how the processes of transition to adulthood take place. Councillor Fina Santiago stated that the survey “must be used to gain knowledge, but also to make decisions regarding the most appropriate actions for the youth sector in all areas that affect the individual. We are convinced that this survey and its subsequent analysis will be a great instrument to achieve what has been approved in the Youth Law, which states that all public policies must take into account the needs of young people in their planning and must respond to them”.

Once completed, the survey will be incorporated into the Annual Statistics Programme, with a forecast of a five-yearly review, becoming an official statistic.

To monitor the survey, the Inter-island Commission of the Youth Survey of the Balearic Islands (CSEJIB) has been set up, in which, in addition to the IBJOVE, the different island councils of the Balearic Islands participate.