The Government and the Alaior Town Council in the Balearic Islands agree on the construction of flats for social housing in Industria street.

Aug 14, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Government and the Alaior Town Council have agreed to build flats for social housing on the plot of land already owned by the IBAVI, located in Calle Industria in Alaior.

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After several meetings held between the IBAVI and the Town Hall, both administrations have decided to build a housing development as an endowment housing scheme, which will be mainly aimed at young people and other vulnerable groups.

The aim of the IBAVI and the Alaior Town Council is to facilitate emancipation and access to housing for these groups.

The managing director of the IBAVI, Olvido Terrassa, stressed the importance of working in coordination with town councils and other administrations to continue increasing the public housing stock in the Balearic Islands. In this regard, it should be remembered that more than 600 public housing units are currently being built in the Balearic Islands. Therefore, the forecast is to increase the public rental housing stock by 72% before the end of the legislature, incorporating 1,273 new subsidised housing units in the Balearic Islands, through different actions.

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For his part, the mayor of Alaior, José Luis Benejam, explained that “it was important to unblock this plot of land that has been owned by the IBAVI since 2010, and on which, for various reasons, it had not yet been possible to do anything. Access to housing is a problem that concerns the City Council, which is why we have taken these steps in collaboration with the Balearic Housing Institute. Our aim is to provide a solution for young people to have access to first home and to help people who are in a situation of need”.

Technicians from IBAVI and the Alaior Town Council; Cristóbal Marqués, Town Planning councillor; Maria Antònia Pons, councillor of the Social and Housing area, and Olvido Terrassa, the managing director of IBAVI, met recently to resolve doubts and also to agree on the drafting of an agreement by the town council, which will deal with the relevant legal and formal issues.

Decree-Law 3/2020, of 28 February, on urgent housing measures, allows plots or buildings earmarked for facilities under current planning (both those already built and those pending development) to be used for public housing, the latter to provide temporary housing solutions.