The Consell and RCD Mallorca establish an institutional sponsorship agreement to promote Mallorca as a sports destination

Aug 15, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Fundació Mallorca Turisme has approved this week an agreement by which the name Visit Mallorca Estadi is maintained and which includes several actions to link the Mallorca brand to high-level sports tourism through the first division club.

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The Govern and Ajuntament de Palma are joining this sponsorship agreement for the 2022-2023 season, which amounts to 1.5 million euros between the three institutions.

The Consell de Mallorca and RCD Mallorca have established a sponsorship agreement for the next 2022-2023 season to continue linking the island to a sports tourism destination and high-level competitions, which in addition to continuing a previous agreement to maintain the Visit Mallorca Estadi name, also includes various promotional and advertising activities related to the Mallorcan team, both in the Spanish and international markets.

It is a sponsorship agreement promoted by the Fundació Mallorca Turisme which amounts to 1.5 million euros (VAT excluded) and in which the Govern de les Illes Balears and the Ajuntament de Palma also participate, making a contribution of 500,000€ and 250,000€, respectively, of the total amount.

The proposal, approved this week at the board of the Fundació Mallorca Turisme and which will take the form of a sponsorship contract with the Mallorcan club, is part of the Consell’s strategy of deseasonalising tourism through the promotion of sports tourism, in this case, linking the Mallorca destination brand to the stadium and the RCD Mallorca club, the only team on the island that plays in the highest category of professional football in Spain and, therefore, with a high national and international impact.

This sponsorship agreement is not limited to a single action, but includes different promotional elements that link the Mallorcan team with the Mallorca brand and that must be carried out during the 2022-23 season through the club, its players, social networks, events, facilities, etc.

This must serve to reinforce the image of the island as a quality sports destination outside the summer season and beyond the sun and beach offer, one of the main objectives of the FMT’s strategic plan, and which is in line with the sponsorship of sporting events and actions to diversify the tourism offer carried out by the Foundation.

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“It is a good agreement for Mallorca and an opportunity that allows us to take advantage of the loudspeaker that comes with having a first division team that generates a differential impact on other tourist destinations and to use a high-level sport such as football as a channel to explain that we want to work for a sporting, quality, deseasonalising tourism, beyond the sun and beach, focused on the summer months”, said the councillor for Transition, Tourism and Sports, Andreu Sierra, once the agreement was approved. “It is also important because the agreement goes beyond a single action and the naming of the stadium, it is a set of actions to be carried out throughout the 22-23 season and which associates the island with high competition and sporting events”. Serra also pointed out that in this way support is also given to the island’s sports club through the formula of sponsorship, a public-private collaboration that is common between institutions and sports clubs, which contributes to creating references in sports and to promoting the practice of sport, with a media return on the sponsored image, which in the case of RCD Mallorca is very high.

The institutional sponsorship agreement between the Consell (through the FMT) and RCD Mallorca, approved this week, includes several actions and activations:

RCD Mallorca’s stadium will continue to be called Visit Mallorca Estadi, through the formula of naming rights, common in sports sponsorships. It should be remembered that two years ago, in the middle of the pandemic, the Consell de Mallorca and RCD Mallorca already agreed that Son Moix would be renamed Visit Mallorca Estadi, a proposal that allowed the island to be linked to the name of the stadium and an opportunity for the recovery of tourism and economic activity during the crisis caused by Covid. The name Visit Mallorca Estadi generates a media impact of more than €44 million per year.

A total of six minutes of visibility of the Mallorca destination on the perimeter LED in all matches played at the stadium during the League and the Copa del Rey.
The inclusion of the Mallorca tourism brand logo in the sponsors’ backgrounds in the club’s interviews in the two official press rooms (stadium and sports city), in the background at the foot of the pitch and in the background of the flash interviews.

A banner measuring 11 metres by 10 metres in the location with the greatest presence in the television broadcast, with the promotional slogan of the Mallorca brand.
Presence on social networks and on the RCD Mallorca website with a banner and a link to the Turisme Mallorca website. Raffles for tickets, T-shirts and experiences.

Also generation of content and dissemination of promotion of Mallorca as a quality sports destination by RCD Mallorca.
Activation of Mallorca brand ambassadors from all over the world, who can be players, ex-players, coaches or renowned collaborators linked to the club and other international clubs.

Presence of the club and ambassadors at international sports-related fairs and major tourism fairs; sports stays and pre-season training camps, and other events.

RCD Mallorca is an ideal club to associate the image of Mallorca with sports tourism, with the capacity to host high-level sporting competitions and which, being in the first division league, attracts the interest of other sports clubs, amateurs and fans to come and train, do pre-seasons or organise sporting events throughout the year, as well as having a presence in one of the three leagues in the world with the greatest television, media and promotional impact.

With more than 15,000 members, it is a century-old club with deep roots in the territory, and its matches currently have a television presence in 170 countries, including the North American, French, German, British and Nordic markets, and audiences of more than 130 million viewers per season.

Furthermore, in relation to the sustainability strategy, the FMT has a clear focus on sustainability and actions that must include sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, as is the case of RCD Mallorca.