The Craft Centre of Menorca, in the Balearic Islands, dedicates the central exhibition of the summer to ‘The kitchen of the trades’.

Aug 15, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The exhibition inaugurated this week takes a look at the handcrafted objects that have been used for cooking or other household tasks that have evolved into trades.

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The Centro Artesanal de Menorca presents the central exhibition of the summer ‘La cocina de los oficios’. Coinciding with Menorca’s mandate as a European Region of Gastronomy, the exhibition focuses on the kitchen as a place where tangible elements of craftsmanship (objects) are concentrated, as well as a centre for family gatherings and the exercise of artisan practices.


Craft references appear everywhere, as crafts have been present in all societies since time immemorial. Firstly, to solve domestic needs that led to the development of skills; secondly, with specialisations and, consequently, the birth of trades, and thirdly, as a guarantor of what is representative of a territory.

The tour begins with an inseparable element in the history of Menorca: mortar, of which different periods and materials are exhibited. It continues with a note on the evolution of the different types of cooking over time.

A map allows the visitor to see objects of culinary use manufactured in Menorca or from abroad, proof of the cultural exchanges that have taken place. Emphasis is then placed on the tasks that at one time or another have been carried out in the kitchen: making latra, soaps, peasants’ sandals, jams, bread and so many other household tasks that have evolved into trades. Finally, there is a small collection of proposals of tools made by active craftsmen who offer a new look at the crafts of today.

The exhibition can be visited until April 2023 and is produced by the Fundación Fomento del Turismo de Menorca and the Centro Artesanal de Menorca. With the collaboration of the Museum of Menorca, the Municipal Museum of Ciutadella – Can Saura and Mr. Gabriel Llambias Estivales.