SITIBSA wins the Socinfo Digital open government award for its data mapping automation project

Oct 6, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The director general of Territori i Paisatge, Magdalena Pons, and the manager of the Servei d’Informació Territorial de les Illes Balears (SITIBSA), Francesca Mir, have collected, this Wednesday, the award ‘Open Government’ of the magazine Socinfo Digital. The award-winning project, ‘Open data SITIBSA’, automatically incorporates the geo-referenced content of the Open Data Portal of the Government of the Balearic Islands into the map service of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Balearic Islands (IdeIB).

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With this tool, citizens have at their disposal a series of data from various thematic areas (tourism, transport, environment, urban planning, etc.) collected in the Portal that can be freely consulted, shared and exploited. The publication of freely accessible data, or open data, without technical or legal limitations and in open and structured formats is a guarantee of transparency and efficiency of the information generated by public administrations.

Pons stressed the need to continue developing projects such as these from the administrations, “as they promote civic and participatory culture, on the one hand, as well as making public data available to citizens that until recently were difficult to consult”.

For his part, Mir explained that one of SITIBSA’s main lines of work “is to continue modernising access to data, cartography and territorial information” with the aim “of making a large amount of information available in simpler and more accessible formats for the whole of society”.

Open data SITIBSA’ is a tool that facilitates the management, administration and periodic collection of information from the Open Data Portal that is geo-referenced for automatic publication in the form of a map to the IofIB. This allows not only its consultation but also the relationship with the rest of the data published in IofIB. There are currently 64 datasets from the Portal that can be consulted.

In the same line of work, SITIBSA has developed other projects such as the free online download of cartography products and spatial datasets in different formats, which was made public in August 2021 and which until July 2022 has accumulated 7,200 downloaded data packages. Likewise, the new topographic database of the Balearic Islands (BITIB) has been developed, which for the first time provides continuous information on the entire territory, with homogeneous and harmonised data, as well as being compatible with the national and European systems.