Ibiza increases its installed renewable energy capacity sixfold with the commissioning of two photovoltaic farms

Oct 9, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Vice President and Councillor for Energy Transition, Productive Sectors and Democratic Memory, Juan Pedro Yllanes, visited the Bosc d’en Lleó photovoltaic farm in Ibiza this Friday, along with the island’s Director of Trade, Industry and Crafts, Irene Torres, the engineer in charge of the project, Jordi Quer. He said that with the start-up of this farm and the Can Mariano Lluqui farm, Ibiza will increase its installed power sixfold, from 1.29 MW to 7.96 MW.

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In the words of the vice president, “the commissioning of these two wind farms will allow Ibiza to take a giant step forward in the process of penetrating renewable energies. We know that due to its orography, Ibiza is a special territory for the development of this type of project, but from the administration, we will not stop looking for the best formulas for the development of clean energies. From the Govern we want to continue advancing towards the goal of reaching 25% renewable energy by 2023, and Ibiza must receive a boost in this regard. I would like to point out that the combined power of these two farms is equivalent to powering 2,300 homes, which means a reduction of 4,125 tonnes of CO2 per year”.

Yllanes also indicated that “these two wind farms represent an important change for the island, which exponentially increases the production of clean energy, which will mean savings in the consumption of fossil fuels. We already announced that the Balearic Islands would stop using fuel oil in the two engines of the Ibiza thermal power plant, which meant putting an end to the use of this fuel on the island, but also in the Balearic Islands. These steps, together with the implementation of shared self-consumption, are the central axis of the Government in the process of decarbonisation of the Balearic Islands”.

Details of the photovoltaic parks

The Bosc d’en Lleó photovoltaic park is located in polygon 18, plot 39, in Sant Antoni de Portmany and will generate 3.659 MWp and 3.08 MWn. A total of 11,088 solar panels with a unitary power of 330 Wp and 28 inverters of 110 kW will be installed for the start-up of the project, which will occupy 3.65 hectares.

The Can Mariano Lluqui photovoltaic park is located in polygon 3, plot 82, in Sant Joan de Labritja and will have a total of 3.019 MWp and 2.475 MWn. This park already generates energy thanks to the 9,240 solar panels installed with a unitary power of 330 Wp and an inverter of 2,475 kW. It should be noted that the modification of the initial project has allowed a reduction in the surface area occupied, which will be 2.99 hectares on the same land foreseen in the initial project.