7.6 million euros to IMAS to contract 170 places in residences and day centres on the Balearic Islands

Oct 17, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

\ Fina Santiago and Sofía Alonso have signed the collaboration agreement, which is effective for three years for places in two-day centres and two residences.
\ The agreement for the places in the Son Caulelles residence will involve a total investment of 4 million euros.

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The councillor for Social Affairs and Sports, Fina Santiago, and the president of the Mallorcan Institute of Social Affairs (IMAS), Sofia Alonso, have signed the collaboration agreement for the reservation and occupation of a total of 170 day and residential places for the elderly people in a situation of dependency in various facilities of the island institution. All these places will form part of the Public Network of Care for Dependency of the Balearic Islands.

According to the agreement, the Regional Ministry will allocate a total of 7,640,189.85 euros to the IMAS to finance 40-day centre places and 130 residential places, with effect from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2024. As for the daycare places, they correspond to 30 at the Mente 2 daycare centre in Palma and 10 at the l’Hospici daycare centre in Felanitx. The 130 residential places correspond to 60 at the Llar d’Ancians Residence, in Palma, and 70 at the Son Caulelles Residence, in Pòrtol, in the municipality of Marratxí.

In the case of Pòrtol, the Regional Ministry will fund the places retroactively from the day the facilities were opened, that is, on 3rd October. For the provision of these 70 specific places, Social Affairs will make a contribution to IMAS of 1.8 million euros per year, which will mean a total investment of 4,050,000.

Councillor Santiago explained that “this agreement is in addition to those we already have with local councils and councils for residential and day centre places. Since 2015 we have been expanding the number of places for dependent care. We increasingly have a network that will allow us, if we continue at this pace, in a few terms every citizen will be able to choose a residence near their home and a day centre in their neighbourhood or town. This is the future of care for dependent adults”. She added: “we have to offer people a wider range of services so that they can choose where to be cared for and how: in a nursing home, at home, through dependency care, through telecare, financial aid for families…”.

For her part, the president of IMAS, Sofia Alonso, said: “Our aim is to strengthen public services and this involves expanding the residential and care network in Mallorca by increasing the number of public places. One of the great challenges facing all institutions is to be able to offer a powerful welfare state for the elderly, to provide quality care to all those Mallorcans who have this need, and the signing of this agreement is an example of the constant work we are doing in this regard.

Agreements with local entities worth 38.6 million euros
This investment is part of the agreements that the Regional Ministry of Social Affairs and Sports is signing with different local entities for the reservation and occupation of municipal places in day centres and residences for elderly people in a situation of dependency. Specifically, the Department of Social Affairs and Sports will allocate a total of 38.6 million euros over the next few years to finance 444 residential places and 659 places in day centres in different municipalities of the Balearic Islands. These places will form part of the Public Network of Care for Dependency in the Balearic Islands.