Inca presents a programme of Fairs 2022 open to everyone’s participation.

Oct 17, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

This year there are almost two hundred events scheduled, after recovering emblematic spaces such as the Plaça del Mercat Cobert and Plaça Mallorca.
The first fair dedicated to the Earth will be held on the weekend of 23 October. The second fair is the Leisure and Sports Fair and the third is the Vintage Fair.

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The Inca Town Hall today presented the programme for the Inca Fairs 2022, which for yet another year will turn the capital of Raiguer into the nerve centre of Mallorca during the autumn. This year the route has been extended and the Plaça del Mercat Cobert has been recovered as the focal point of the celebrations. In this way, the council has planned almost two hundred activities aimed at all citizens, thanks to the involvement of associations, entities and groups.

“After two years without being able to celebrate the fairs normally, we are very happy to present the programme of the Inca Fairs with more enthusiasm and excitement than ever. The response of the citizens of the Inca has been, once again this year, exceptional, and everyone has contributed to achieving a high-quality and varied programme. Many thanks to all the people who year after year makes the Inca Fairs possible”, says the mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno.

For his part, the councillor for Fairs, Antoni Peña, stresses that “our goal is to maintain the essence of the traditional fairs and events, while each edition we incorporate new activities to modernize, update and expand the program so that everyone can find a reason to go out, participate in the fairs and contribute to making the town”.

Thus, the three fairs include the traditional fairs, exhibitions and markets, along with other consolidated events such as the Dance Tasting, the Wine Night, Creativísimo, the Exhibition and Auction of Xots i Anyells, the Cursa de Sa Galleta and the Disco Fair. As for the novelties, this year’s programme of fairs includes October Fest, the Circus Market, the Fireta Friqui and the Halloween Fair, among other novelties.

Finally, on behalf of the entire consistory, Virgilio Moreno wanted to invite everyone, whether inquer or not, to come to Inca during the three weekends of Fairs and enjoy the city: “We encourage you to come to Inca, participate in the various events and fill the squares and streets. In this sense, we must not forget that the fairs, like any other celebration, are made by the people. Therefore, without your involvement, this would not be possible”.

The full programme of the 2022 Inca Fairs can be consulted here: