The Balearic Islands launches the workshop “112 in schools”.

Oct 19, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Government has launched at CEIP Joan Mas, in Montuïri, “112 in schools”, a new educational workshop designed for children in the 2nd and 3rd years of primary education, which works on the culture of self-protection and explains to children what 112 is.

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Specifically, the activity aims to make children aware of the main risks to which they may be exposed in their daily lives; to offer them guidelines for action that will enable them to avoid the negative effects of these risks; to make them reflect on the need for an attitude of caution and sanity in their actions, and to inform them about the existence of the 112 telephone number, what it is for and in which cases they should call it.

The Regional Minister of the Presidency, Public Function and Equality, Mercedes Garrido, stressed that “this is a very good initiative with which we want to bring self-protection to the children of our islands in a simple way that they can understand, so that they know how to react if an emergency arises”.

For his part, the councillor for Education and Vocational Training, Martí March, stressed that “schools are increasingly playing more and more of a role, planning activities so that everyone has the necessary information in the event of a risk, raising civic awareness of what it means to live in society”.

The session, which will last approximately 60 minutes, will begin with an explanation of what 112 is and what to do in case a person needs help. This will be followed by a review of some of the risk situations that children may face in their daily lives through questions with several answers that the pupils will have to answer together. The activity will end with the staging of a traffic accident with the school bus, in which all the children in the class will participate in costume to put into practice how a situation of this type is handled by 112 and which organisations are involved.

In the city of Palma, the workshop will be given by Emergency Service personnel, while in the Part Forana and the rest of the islands it will be given by police officers from the guardian police and road safety education, as one of the new training contents they will be giving this year, along with training in equality or in the prevention of discrimination.

In the case of Palma, public and state-subsidised schools that wish to sign up have until 22 October to do so. Since registration opened, twelve schools in the city have already requested the activity.

In addition to the Minister of the Presidency, Public Function and Equality, Mercedes Garrido, and the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Martí March, also attending the presentation of the workshop were the Director General of Emergencies and Interior, Jaume Barceló, the Director General of Early Childhood, Innovation and Educational Community, Amanda Fernández, the Mayor of Montuïri, Joan Verger, and the First Deputy Mayor for Education, Antoni Miralles.