Inca celebrates the Night of the Souls with activities for all ages

Oct 31, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Coinciding with All Saints’ Day, the Inca Town Hall is once again organising a programme of activities aimed at all ages to celebrate the Night of the Souls. All the events organised by the town council of the capital of El Raiguer will take place today 31st October in Plaça Mallorca and are included in the programme of the second Inca Fair, the Leisure and Sports Fair.

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Thus, the special programme starts at 6 p.m. with many activities: a Rosary workshop, lantern workshop, face painting workshop, magic wands workshop, personalised bag workshop and terrifying key rings workshop. The Inca Town Hall wants to focus on the more traditional aspects of the festival. That’s why we will also be holding rosary workshops and lantern workshops, among other activities,” explains the councillor for Youth, Andreu Caballero.

At the same time, a complete and varied complementary offer is also being developed in Inca to celebrate the most terrifying night of the year. Inca’s Teatro Principal has programmed the Halloween Fest film series, with the screening of three classic horror films: The Orphan: First Murder, The Innocents and Smile.

Night of the Souls

Finally, on a private initiative, Proyecto Z will be holding a large scape room throughout the municipality, starting at the Quarter General Luque. Participation in this activity is by teams of 4 people. TecnoMallorca is also organising Halloween technology workshops.

“We are very happy to consolidate this type of activities for all ages and especially for children on the occasion of the celebration of Tots Sant. These diverse activities programmed for the Night of the Souls enrich the Fairs of Inca 2022 and specifically the second Fair, dedicated to Leisure and Sport,” says Virgilio Moreno.