Nov 2, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

During the first week of October, from the 2nd to the 8th, six students and three teachers from the school Es Puig, in the town of Lloseta in the Balearic Islands, have participated in an outing of the Erasmus+ project in the city of Liberec,
in the Czech Republic.

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Students and teachers have enjoyed a week of many wonderful experiences and experiences, in addition to getting to know first-hand other students from different countries.

We met with Clara Figuerola, a teacher at the CEIP Es Puig school so that she could tell us first-hand her impressions and give us a chronicle of Erasmus, which, as a curiosity, we would like to add that it is a pioneer in Mallorca.

How would you define this ERASMUS LIBEREC 2022?

It is a meeting where students of different nationalities have also participated. We have shared our stay with students from Romania, Italy, Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

This project revolves around what we can do to fight against Climate Change.

The children have been housed with the families of students from the Czech school that has received us, allowing a closer contact and relationship between the children and their families.

It has been a great experience and full of learning. We took with us many good moments and situations.

What activities have you carried out in this ERASMUS LIBEREC 2022?

The work programme has been well received by the students, we will now give you a short summary.

We arrived on Sunday afternoon, after flying from Palma to the German city of Dresden, from where we took a train that in two hours took us to Liberec, where the host families were already waiting for us.

On Monday we visited the University of Liberec, where we were shown different projects they have in place to fight climate change, and where we took part in different workshops they had organised.

On Tuesday we visited an eco-environmental centre in the mountains. There we carried out
different activities linked to how we relate to nature and we went out into the forest to study different aspects of the relationship between people and the environment.

On Wednesday, we visited the Tree Top Trail in the Krkonoše Mountains. Here we could enjoy a guided tour through the forest studying the different varieties of flora and fauna in the area, and seeing how climate change was affecting them.

We were also able to enjoy the visit to their tower, which was over 48 metres high and offered splendid views of the whole area.

On Thursday we visited the reception school where we explained to their students the
actions that we do in Puig, to fight against climate change. We also went on an outing to repopulate an area by planting trees.

On Friday we visited the castle of Sychrov where we saw a falconry demonstration. There we also did different activities to close the week of work.

On Saturday we had to make our way back, with a feeling of sorrow for saying goodbye to the new friends we had made, but also with the joy of returning home.

We said goodbye to Clara Figuerola and asked her to tell us about the experiences of the students of CEIP Es Puig in future news, and thanked her for all her patience and dedication, as we have been told that without her magnificent management it would not have been possible for this Erasmus to take place in Lloseta.