Do you have a date in Inca with the Third Fair, this weekend?

Nov 5, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The answer to this question is yes, to everything. So from yesterday 4th November until Sunday 6th November, we can enjoy the last of Inca’s fairs. This fair is one of the most eagerly awaited, the d’Època I de l’Art. It is preceded by the Fira de la Terra and the Fira de l’Oci i l’Esport, which have been a great success with visitors and participants.

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The streets of the capital of Raiguer have been and will be the main protagonists of these three Fairs and Dijous Bo.

Yesterday, Friday 4th November, the medieval market was inaugurated. Among the activities that can be held in Inca this weekend are a display of trades in Carrer de Jaume Armengol and an area for children’s activities in Plaça del Mercat Cobert.

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Fair weekend in Inca

On Saturday the 5th, once again this year, Mallorca Dream Days will be held at the Fàbrica Ramis. This is a leading event venue that will offer a full range of services for your celebrations.

Saturday morning will be spent with Cercavila, El Rata Market in the Cloister of Santo Domingo, closing the day at 20.00h with the play Kryptonita in the Teatro Principal.

A large market inspired by the medieval theme will be the protagonist of this weekend in Inca. We will be able to enjoy food stalls, craft products, costumes and trades, which will take us back to the centuries between the 5th and 15th centuries and which correspond to the Middle Ages.

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The streets of Sirena and Bartomeu Coc will be lined with fairgrounds and street entertainment, along with stops for the end-of-year trips of the different schools in the town.

On Sunday 6th November, the Teatro Principal will be in charge of bringing the last Inca Fair of 2022 to a close. All this through the night of Habaneras of Ben Trempats.

On the 17th of November, we will have another date in Inca. It will be for Dijous Bo. The only day when the capital of Raiguer becomes the capital of Mallorca, with Palma’s permission.