The project to improve the CEIP Aina Moll school in Palma goes out to tender for more than 188,000 euros.

Nov 5, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

\The result of the project will create a new playground in the centre.

\All interested companies can apply for the contract

The Regional Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has just published the tender for the improvement project planned for CEIP Aina Moll de Palma on the Public Sector Procurement Platform of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function. This work is going out to tender for a total of 188,541.16 euros and a completion period of 3 months, to be carried out outside the school term.

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The project will improve this educational infrastructure and will benefit the more than 675 pupils who currently attend the school and those who will attend in the future.

A new playground for CEIP Aina Moll in Palma

With a budget of more than 188,000 euros, the project involves the renovation of the school’s main playground. The execution period is 3 months and the work must coincide with the summer holiday period.

The project consists of the remodelling of the main playground of the centre, with the following actions:

  • Zone 1 (perimeter area): Increase the areas of trees and soft paving.
  • Zone 2 (sports courts): Unify the entire area of sports games and courts, as well as eliminate the current abrasive surface.
  • Zone 3 (playground): Transform part of the sports courts into a more organic area and create an access ramp to the children’s playground. The construction of a mound with a natural slope as the central organising element of the space is proposed.
  • Zone 4 (porch building): Surface treatment of the paving to eliminate slipping.

Once this tender has been published, all interested companies can apply for the tender process.

This action of more than 188 thousand euros is one of the works planned in the Educational Infrastructure Plan 2016-2023 for all the Balearic Islands that aim to respond in an orderly and objective manner to the structural needs presented by the educational centres of the Balearic Islands.