FOGAIBA paid out more than 2.3 million euros in aid to the primary and agri-food sector in October.

Nov 8, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Post, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition, Uncategorized

The Balearic Islands Agricultural and Fisheries Guarantee Fund (FOGAIBA), an agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, paid out 2,359,876.03 million euros in aid to the agricultural, fisheries, livestock and agri-food sectors in October. This mainly involves aid from the Rural Development Programme Service, the State Aid and CMO Service, CAP aid and aid for fisheries.

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The RDP aid paid in October totalled 1,127,016.51 euros. This mainly concerns aid for business start-ups by young farmers amounting to 303,650 euros and aid for investments in agricultural holdings amounting to 282,561.15 euros. On the other hand, 213,369.88 euros of aid for investments in forest fire prevention, 152,500.38 euros of aid for vocational training and skills acquisition and 112,751 euros of aid for organic farming, among others, have also been paid out.

As for aid from the State Aid and CMO Service, 547,843.14 euros have been paid, of which 420,000 euros correspond to aid for the Palma abattoir, 93,309.66 euros for aid for animal feed drought and 24,634.60 euros for agricultural insurance, among others.

Finally, 58,891.44 euros have also been paid from the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and 626,124.94 euros from Fisheries aid.

In total, FOGAIBA has paid 38.1 million euros in aid to the primary and agri-food sector in the Balearic Islands during the first ten months of 2022 and more than 200 million euros this term of office.