A masterly performance of David and Goliath by Juan Gabriel Gomila

Nov 14, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

This Sunday the music band of Marratxí has started its concert season with a spectacular tribute to the patron saint of musicians Santa Cecilia in the church of the village of Pòrtol.

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The concert featured four works by guest conductors who have passed through the baton since 2019, but this time by its regular conductor in recent years, the maestro Silverio Duato Castillo.

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The concert began with Saturn’s Rings, by Salva Luján, which narrates without words the adventure of how the space probe Huygens reached the planet in a very entertaining and enjoyable musical form.
The concert continued with Dunkirk, an emotional and heartfelt tribute to the victims of that battle in the Second World War by the composer Jose Alberto Pina.
This was followed by Morning Star Variations by Bert Appermont, an artistic expression for a band based on a Bach chorale with interwoven counterpoint and melodies.

But undoubtedly the star of the day was David and Goliath, by maestro Ferrer Ferran, a work for two bass drums played by David in an explanatory battle against Goliath played by the rest of the band. On this occasion, the role of David was played by Juan Gabriel Gomila, who took up the bass drums and received applause and praise for more than three minutes.

In the play we could appreciate that battle, that tension and that victory of David over Goliath, not ceasing to persist at any moment and winning at the end with the last heartbeats of the giant until his death.

Gomila Gomila CEO of the company Frogames had already performed this work in 2020 on the stage of the Deixalleria de Marratxí, highlighting his potential and talent. On this occasion, in this Sunday’s performance in the church of Pòrtol, he appeared dressed as the score indicates, in the typical attire of a tunic and with a sling in his hand, in the role of David in search of the giant Goliath, armed only with his sling.
His appearance was undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited and heartfelt, even moving the musician himself as he thanked his fellow musicians, and the whole audience who joined in unanimous applause.

Undoubtedly the level of the Marratxí band has risen to the clouds after a concert of these characteristics, where the talent, the soloists and the music of the author shone during more than an hour and a half of concert that culminated with two encores to close with a waltz and a paso doble a concert with a golden brooch.