Inca presents the Dijous Bo 2022 Awards to Antònia Cantallops, Joan Figuerola and the Scientific Commission of the Jornades d’Estudis Locals (Local Studies Conferences)

Nov 17, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Inca’s Teatro Principal hosted the Dijous Bo 2022 Awards Ceremony. These awards recognise those people, entities or institutions that have carried out an activity for the benefit of Inca society or that have stood out for their contribution to the progress of the city.

“The Dijous Bo Awards aim to contribute to making visible the work of so many people who make our city a better place to live and live together. Great collective advances are always possible thanks to the effort, drive and commitment of small individual steps that contribute to the success of a community,” said the Mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno.

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For her part, the councillor for Culture, Alice Weber, stressed that “the Dijous Bo Awards are such a well-established event that every year we look forward to the ‘Dimarts Bo’ so that we can give well-deserved thanks to the award winners who, with their work, make Inca proud”.

Thus, Antònia Cantallops, Joan Figuerola and the Scientific Commission of the Jornades d’Estudis Locals d’Inca were the winners of this year’s edition. During the ceremony, videos were shown as a summary of their personal careers, but also highlighting the values and qualities for which they have been awarded the distinction.

Antònia Cantallops Ferragut, chef at the Ca’n Amer winery in Inca, received this award for her research into traditional Mallorcan cuisine and for her contribution to making Inca a gastronomic reference point both in Mallorca and beyond the island. In this way, he is awarded this recognition for his efforts in the recovery and innovation of a wide variety of dishes, for his commitment to the use of local and seasonal products, and for the organisation of traditional and international cuisine days.

For his part, Joan Figuerola Figuerola has been recognised with this award for being a reference point for football in the city, being an example for many generations of players as well as for directors and fans. Throughout his life, he has been dedicated to training present and future players of C.E. Constancia, some of them even competing in 1st and 2nd Division A and in different categories of national football. With him, the club won the Balearic Youth and Amateur championships. With this Dijous Bo 2022 Award for his personality, the aim is to highlight the importance of sport in the construction of healthy citizenship and also in the social development of the city.

Thirdly, the Scientific Committee of the Inca Local Studies Conference has also been recognised with the Dijous Bo 2022 Award for its long history of disseminating a wide range of aspects of the idiosyncrasy of Inca, especially scientific dissemination.

It should be remembered that the choice of Dijous Bo award winners is based on a popular candidacy presented to the Municipal Council of Culture. This body votes on the persons or entities to be awarded prizes. The decision is then taken by the Culture Committee and subsequently by the municipal plenary.