Son Llàtzer University Hospital commemorates World Premature Child Day

Nov 18, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

On the occasion of World Premature Child Day, Son Llàtzer University Hospital has organised a festive day inviting families who have had their babies admitted to the Neonatal Unit.

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Every year on 17 November, World Premature Infant Day is commemorated, which reminds us that every year there are at least 15 million premature births. The day aims to raise awareness and inform about the importance of caring for children born before 37 weeks of gestation. This year’s theme is “Vaccines safe from the neonatal unit”.

The aim for 2022 is to give visibility to other services involved in the care of premature infants and their families. Physiotherapists, social workers, cabinet nurses who perform hearing screenings, etc. are an important part of preterm care.

The team of social workers is indispensable in guiding these families through the procedures involved in the birth of such a fragile baby, who will most likely need to be monitored by different specialists for his or her development over a long period of time.

Physiotherapy for premature babies favours proper neuromotor development and improves their overall health. The team of physiotherapists advises and accompanies families, offering the necessary knowledge so that they can learn the best strategies for stimulating their baby before discharge and can apply them at home.

Neonatology Unit

All members of the health team at the Neonatology Unit of the Son Llàtzer University Hospital work with the aim of providing preterm newborns with safe, quality care that includes these measures. This action takes into account that the future of these children is a priority and, therefore, the protection of their neurological development is essential. However, it will only be possible to achieve these goals with family-centred care, the permanent presence of the parents and their participation in the care, not forgetting the attention of all the teams mentioned above. Multidisciplinary care, in neonatal units, is extremely necessary.

Last year, 1831 births were attended at Son Llàtzer, of which 128 were premature, representing 6.8% of all newborns.