The technical roundtables in the Balearic Islands have been set up to negotiate specific aspects of the proposed 2023-27 Framework Agreement

Nov 20, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The three technical roundtables that are working on the different aspects of the proposed Framework Agreement 2023-27 for public education were constituted today. These are the Remuneration and Professional Careers Committee, the Working Conditions Improvement Committee and the Education Policies Committee.

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On 26 October, the Regional Ministry presented a proposal for the Framework Agreement to the Sectoral Education Board, after various bilateral meetings with all the unions. The Bureau agreed on the constitution of three technical committees to work on each section.

Proposed Framework Agreement 2023-27

The 2022-27 Framework Agreement is intended as a commitment to continue making progress in the recovery and improvement of the socio-labour conditions of public education teachers, to continue implementing stability measures for non-university civil servant teaching staff and to improve the quality of education.

The main measures proposed in the new Framework Agreement include the following:

Pay increases for the years 2022, 2023 and 2024 according to what is agreed at the CAIB’s Public Employee’s Table.
Development and implementation of the professional teaching career.
Consolidation of the 2,508 teaching posts created since 2016 and progressive improvement and stabilisation of the teaching staff.
Apply the 18 teaching hours to secondary education within two academic years.
Gradual provision of additional teaching staff in early childhood and primary education centres for the reduction of the teaching day.
Consolidation in 2023 of administrative assistant positions in primary schools.
Creation of a group of permanent substitutions of teaching staff attached to the Territorial Directorate of Ibiza and Formentera.
Proposal to review and update the measures of the social action funds that may include aid for housing rental for teachers who are forcibly assigned to an island other than their habitual residence.
Progressive reduction of ratios.
Proposal for an Education Infrastructure Plan 2023-2027.
Proposal for a Plan for the air-conditioning of schools.
Initiation of a process to promote a regional agreement for the first cycle of infant education.
Re-establishment of paid and unpaid study leave as of 2023, with the aim of stimulating training and educational research and regulation of a sabbatical year of free disposal with the reduction of a percentage of the remuneration received in the previous four years.