Mou la llengua’, the campaign in favour of the Catalan language

Dec 9, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Government has announced the launch of this initiative to promote the use of the Catalan language.

The Government of the Balearic Islands has kicked off ‘Mou la llengua’, a major campaign to promote the social use of the Catalan language. It is an initiative promoted by the Directorate General for Language Policy, in collaboration with the Directorate General for Communication, which aims to encourage citizens to use Catalan and share it with everyone.

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The campaign is aimed at the whole of society, but especially at Catalan speakers who do not use Catalan on all possible occasions and at speakers of other languages who use it very little. The aim is to motivate citizens to make small gestures to increase the use of Catalan because they improve the health of the language and the well-being of the people who use it.

Mou la llengua’ begins with a message to Catalan speakers to start conversations in Catalan. As explained by the Director General for Language Policy, Beatriu Defior, “if all Catalan speakers used Catalan in all possible situations, there would be a very significant change”. Later on, there will be other messages, some of which will be aimed at new speakers, i.e. citizens who speak other languages, to encourage them to adopt Catalan.

In this first phase of the campaign, a communication campaign will be deployed through inserts in the media, posters and a spot that can be seen on social networks and television, as well as radio spots., a website with its own and external resources, has also been launched with the aim of helping citizens to make the changes that the campaign aims to promote.

With ‘Mou la llengua’, the Government is demonstrating its commitment to the Catalan language and its social use. In this sense, the Catalan Minister of European Funds, University and Culture, Miquel Company, explained that the campaign “aims to reinforce the values of social cohesion, inclusion, tolerance and integration associated with the Catalan language”.

For his part, the regional secretary for University, Research and Language Policy, Miquel Àngel Sureda, stressed that “from the institutions, we have to favour those expressions that bring cohesion to society, and Catalan is one of the most powerful symbols of identity that we have as a people”. Sureda invited all civil society and institutions to make the campaign their own.