Health in the Balearic Islands calls for tenders for architectural projects to build the La Soledad, Pere Garau II, Na Camel-la and Es Viver health centres.

Dec 10, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The estimated value of the four tenders is 96,000 euros and the winners are expected to be announced within sixty days.

The Health Service has put out to tender the architectural project ideas competitions with the intervention of a jury for the construction of the La Soledad Health Centre (Palma), Pere Garau II Health Centre (Palma), Na Camel-la Health Centre (Manacor) and Primary Care Emergency Service (SUAP), and Es Viver Health Centre (Ibiza). The purpose of the bids is to select an architectural proposal for the subsequent contracting of the technical assistance and project management work. They are aimed at multidisciplinary teams made up of architects, engineers and technical architects. The estimated value of the four competitions is €96,000; each competition will distribute €24,000 among the three finalist projects.

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La Soledad Health Centre and SUAP

For the new health centre and SUAP, the functional plan drawn up by the Servei de Salut proposes an area of 4,500 square metres with a four-storey building, where the health centre and SUAP (consultation area, continuous care point, access and administrative support area, service area), an oral and dental health unit, a mental health unit and a SAMU 061 base will be located. It will attend to emergencies 24 hours a day and will carry out a continuous activity when the other units of the health centre are closed. The maximum execution budget is 9.6 million euros (excluding VAT).

Na Camel-la Health Centre and SUAP

The functional plan drawn up by Salut for the Na Camel-la Health Centre and SUAP foresees a space of 4,501 square metres, with areas for consultations, special care and techniques, extraction of samples, a women’s care unit, a physiotherapy unit, an oral health unit and a space for the SAMU 061 emergency base. The maximum execution budget is 8.1 million euros (excluding VAT).

Pere Garau II Health Centre

The Pere Garau II Health Centre will have a surface area of 3,681 square metres, with a consultation area, a special care and techniques area, a sample extraction area, a physiotherapy unit and a women’s care unit. The maximum execution budget is 8.5 million euros (without VAT).

Es Viver Health Centre

The new Es Viver Health Centre must respond to the significant demographic increase that has taken place in the city of Eivissa, which makes it necessary to build a new, correctly sized health infrastructure. The project involves the complete demolition of the current health centre and the subsequent construction of the new centre. The functional plan envisages a space of 6,553 square metres, with medical and nursing care services and other diagnostic, treatment and support units, such as women’s care, oral and dental health, physiotherapy and rehabilitation and mental health. The maximum execution budget is EUR 12.9 million (excluding VAT).

The construction of the four new health centres and emergency services foreseen will have a final estimated cost of EUR 60.1 million. These projects belong to the second phase of the Health Service Infrastructure Plan, which envisages an investment of 300 million euros. Among the most imminent projects is the upcoming call for tenders for the tender for projects with jury intervention for the basic health units of Son Ferrer, Peguera and Colònia de Sant Jordi.