The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Vino de la Tierra Isla de Menorca consolidates its production during 2022 and increases the cultivation area and total wine production in Menorca.

Dec 11, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

Menorca’s wine sector has experienced growth in production and sales in recent years. Currently, three categories of wine are produced on the island: local wines identified with the IGP Isla de Menorca, local wines with the IGP Islas Baleares, and wine without a geographical designation of quality.

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In total, there are 147 hectares of vineyards planted in Menorca (132 hectares in 2021) among the different grape varieties suitable for making wine, with the IGP Vino de la Tierra Isla de Menorca being the category to which most of the grapes harvested during 2022 have been destined, with a total production of 211 tonnes (in 2021 it was 237 tonnes), obtained from a harvested vineyard area of 55.5 hectares, with a final volume of wine produced from this category of 1. 355.9 hectolitres (1,567.6 hl in 2021).

Thus, in terms of total wine production in 2022, 70% was produced as IGP Isla de Menorca, 8% as IGP Illes Balears and 22% as wine without a geographical indication of quality. The total wine produced in Menorca was 1,950.5 hl, which is the largest volume since this crop was recovered more than 35 years ago, distributed as follows:
White wine: 1,089 hl (56%)
Red wine: 401.5 hl (20.5%)
Rosé wine: 460 hl (23.5%)

Menorca currently has 10 wineries: Bodegas Menorquinas Crispín Mariano; Bodegas Binifadet; Finca Sa Cudia; Bodega Solano; Huerto San Patricio; Viñedos Binitord; Su Marjaleta; Bodegas Torralbenc Vell, Sa Bodega de Son Cremat and Torralba Agrícola.

It should be remembered that the Consell Insular offers support to the sector through a collaboration agreement with the Menorcan Wine Producers’ Association with a total amount of 12,000 € with the main objective of improving its promotion and commercialisation. In addition, the Consell offers the possibility for all the wineries to be present at all the fairs in which the institution participates. For 2023 it is planned to attend Madrid Fusion, Forum Barcelona, and Taste in Paris, as well as our fair Arrels.

On the other hand, we are currently working on the renovation and expansion of the signage and signposting of the Vino de la Tierra Isla de Menorca wineries with a new design to make it more attractive to local buyers and visitors.

In addition, work is also being carried out on the agronomic and oenological study of the grape varieties to assess their suitability and be able to include them as authorised to produce Island of Menorca Local Wine, as not all the grape varieties planted are currently authorised to produce this category of wine.