The Environment publishes the first Guide to the Birds of the Balearic Forest

Dec 15, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The book is part of the collection ‘The forest: an available resource’.

The Forest Management Service of the Regional Ministry of the Environment and Territory has published a new edition of the ‘Guide to the Forests of the Balearic Islands’ collection, this time specialising in birds.

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The guide is a document that contains basic information on the birds that inhabit the forests of our islands and is intended as a tool for the school population but also for the general public.

Birds are the most diverse group of animals among terrestrial vertebrates. In the Balearic Islands alone there are 370 different species and they are an essential part of the ecosystems, due to their role as seed dispersers, pollinators, and insect control and because they serve as food for other animals.

The publication is structured in three different parts: the first section is dedicated to the role played by birds in forest areas and the relationship between birds and other organisms, both in the plant and animal kingdoms. The central part is devoted to basic concepts about birds and how to identify them. Thirdly, the book lists the birds found in the forests of the Balearic Islands. All this is complemented with a proposal of activities to reinforce knowledge.

The publication of this material has been made possible thanks to the collaboration of SEO Birdlife, which has provided the photographs that illustrate the guide.

Currently, one thousand copies have been printed and will be distributed to schools, youth groups and people interested in the subject and who actively participate in the activities of Xarxa Forestal.

This guide and the rest of the materials that form part of the collection: ‘The forest: an available resource’ are available on the Red Forestal website: