The Consell de Mallorca approves the final project of the first composting plant “Cierra el círculo”.

Dec 16, 2022 | Current affairs, Featured, Revista Lloseta, Thursday Daily Bulletin, Tradition

The Department of Sustainability and Environment approves the final project of the composting plant for the organic fraction of municipal waste (FORM) collected selectively, located in the municipality of Llucmajor. The cost study, the list of affected assets and rights and the need for urgent occupation have also been approved.

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The first European Next Generation recovery and resilience funds to reach the Consell de Mallorca will be for the strategic project “Cierra el círculo” (Close the circle). Specifically, 4.9 million euros from the sustainable tourism budget will go entirely to the organic matter plant in Llucmajor.

The councillor for Sustainability and the Environment, Aurora Ribot, stressed that “the processing of the project is very advanced and this approval is an important step in a long process, as is the implementation of an infrastructure of these characteristics. Closing the circle of organic matter is the biggest challenge facing Mallorca on the road to a circular economy”.

Among the advantages of the new Llucmajor composting plant project, the councillor stressed that “it will significantly improve the sustainability of Llucmajor and the surrounding municipalities, and will mean great economic savings in municipal collection services; it will also help to reduce environmental emissions in the transport of biowaste”.

The plenary session of the Consell de Mallorca declared the public works for the construction of the Llucmajor composting plant to be of general interest. In this way, the Island Waste Directorate can execute the construction of waste management and treatment infrastructures in Mallorca and shorten to two years the deadline for starting up the composting plant.

The circular economy is the only way forward for the Mallorca of the future. The global climate crisis and the overexploitation of natural resources, which are becoming increasingly scarce, have made us realise the need to act with a less extractivist logic. In addition, the pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine have made us aware of our dependence on the outside world. All this has made us understand that we cannot waste any resource, and waste is, without a doubt, a very valuable resource.

The strategic project “Cierra el círculo” will involve the construction of five composting plants (Llucmajor, Santa Margalida, Marratxí, Calvià and Felanitx) to treat all the waste produced on the island. And it will be possible to generate ecological compost that will be marketed at a public price. With the plants, the contradiction of having large quantities of organic matter that is wasted and ends up being incinerated to generate compost will be addressed.

Manifesto “Close the circle”.

The “Close the circle” project will be a step forward in many ways:

  1. We will make the Mallorcan primary sector stronger, increase resilience and decrease dependence on imports, thanks to the fact that compost will be offered at a public price.
  2. Emissions associated with the import of compost will be reduced. Approximately 8,395.92 tonnes of CO₂ emitted per year.
  3. Costs will be reduced for local councils, thanks to the territorial distribution of the plants, as today all organic matter must be taken to Son Reus, and emissions associated with these journeys will also be reduced.
  4. We will close the circle of organic matter in Mallorca; we will stop incinerating organic matter and we will increase our food sovereignty.